A One-Stop Website for Best Shopping Deals in India is a young and rapidly evolving website where people can go and check out the latest and best shopping deals from their favorite shopping sites in India like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon, Groupon, etc.

Almost every e-Commerce website constantly offers deals on its site. Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of deals which are best for us. This is where comes into play. It offers a platform where you can find the best and latest daily deals from such websites to choose from. All you have to do is browse through the catalogue of deals and select the best daily offer.

Started by the duo Ishan and Jaya, who also have many other websites up and running successfully, BaniyaDeals is one of their latest projects. Started only a couple of months back, the website is gradually getting into form and seems to be doing well, owing to a keen focus on quality of deals.


First Impression

When I opened the website, the first thing that got my attention was the uncanny handlebar moustache, which can be aptly called the insignia of BaniyaDeals. The UI is simple, and at the same time appealing. Deals are listed as thumbnails, with a badge indicating the discount or deal. The Red badges against the contrasting White background, which stroked me immediately with a sense of urgency, seems to suggest that the deals are short-lived and limited. A colorful banner carrying the main theme of the website runs across the top. Just below this, you will find categories from which you can browse your favorite deals.

Main Body

What it deals in

BaniyaDeals covers almost all major niches, ranging from Electronics, Fashion, Books and Media to Home and Kitchen. The main purpose of the website is to simply highlight the best shopping deals, available on popular as well as not-so-popular e-commerce sites, under these categories. Attractive deals are uploaded on the website on a daily basis. However, you cannot buy these products or get the daily deals directly from BaniyaDeals. Clicking on a particular deal takes you to the respective website. From thereon, you can make the purchase or get the deal. It would have been great if I could buy a deal directly from BaniyaDeals. Nonetheless, it saves half the time spent on going through individual websites and searching for deals in each of them.

One thing I missed was the search bar. A dropdown menu, perhaps, for each category would also have made the website even more user-friendly. On the contrary, these features might have been discarded as the number of deals on the website is pretty low, as deals are removed from the website as soon as they get expired.

Customer Assistance also offers customer support through chat. You can start chatting with the customer support team by submitting your name and email address. I was impressed by the swift response from one of the deal hunters as soon as I submitted my details. It feels safe to say that BaniyaDeals take their customers pretty seriously. Besides the chat option, you can also get in touch with BaniyaDeals via email. No phone number is given, though.


BaniyaDeals is a young and a promising daily deals website. The website is fairly easy to navigate. The simplicity of the website underlines the main idea behind the company’s existence: to simplify and eliminate the hustle and bustle of online shopping. Moreover, the website is fully responsive and is accessible from any internet-enabled device (it works nicely on mobile phones and tablets as well). All in all, this is a good website to find daily deals in India.

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