How You May Be Banned From Using Whatsapp

If you are a regular user of WhatsApp, chances are that you may have heard about the third party app called Whatsapp Plus. It is an app that adds all new features to your Whatsapp account like even more emoticons, visual themes, feature to hide online status, changing color of launcher icon and many more. It is basically an apk of the original Whatsapp with modified style sheets. If you are already getting tempted to download and try it, DON’T. As current Whatsapp Plus users know, as of now Whatsapp has banned users from using the service for at least 24 hours who had installed Whatsapp Plus. According to an official statement released by Whatsapp, they explain that Whatapp Plus is an application which was not developed by them nor is its use authorized. They have also added that the third party app contains source code which can potentially harm user privacy by sensitive information being passed on to third parties without your knowledge. Whatsapp took the right step as users should be aware that there is whole illegal market of sensitive information which is sold to companies for a price. Such private information is then used for practices like targeted advertisiments. Therefore all users should refrain from using Whatsapp Plus. If you are one of the people who are serving the ban, follow the following steps to redeem the service within 24 hours.

How To Remove The WhatsApp Ban

Users who have been banned from the service will be seeing the message – “You’re temporarily banned from WhatsApp because you may have violated our terms of service. You’ll be able to use WhatsApp again in : clock

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The clock starts backwards from 24 hours and shows you how much time it is remaining before the ban is uplifted. But you also have to uninstall Whatsapp Plus and install the official WhatsApp app from either the Google Play store or the company’s official website. Though the 24 hour ban is mandatory and will have to be served before the service resumes again. Please note that if you don’t follow these steps within 24 hours, you will probably be banned for another 24 hours or more until you uninstall Whatspp Plus.


Whatsapp has also expressed that they are not responsible for any leakage of sensitive user information which may have been stolen by the third party app. Though it is interested to note that Whatsapp Plus is available to download from the Internet since 2012 and Whatsapp chose to act on the situation after a period of 2 years when this should have been done long back.


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