How to Batch Upload Photos In Flickr at a Scheduled Time

You can use a desktop tool to view and download your Flickr photos but what about uploading multiple photos to your Flickr account from the desktop ? Here is a free software that let’s you upload multiple photos in your Flickr account at a scheduled time.

Upload multiple photos to Flickr using your email account

Many users still prefer the old school way – using email.Please refer to this guide on how to upload multiple photos in your Flickr account using email only.

Flickr Scheduler: Batch upload photos to Flickr at a scheduled time

Flickr scheduler let’s you batch upload photos in your Flickr account and that too at a particular time.Using this software you can create a queue of photos to be uploaded in Flickr. You can change title of an image, add description, tags and also choose who can view your uploaded photos.


The uploader keeps a history of the uploaded photos and also shows you your remaining upload quota.You can also view the uploaded photos in your Flickr account from the desktop. As for back up, this tool makes it easy because you can import and  export all your configuration data, settings and profile credentials.

This software works in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Take a Screenshot and upload it to your Flickr account

If you are looking for a one click solution to take a screenshot and upload the photos in your Flickr account, then use Webimager.It is a portable application that can be used to take screenshots on your desktop and upload the images in your Flickr account.

You can set the title,description and tags of the image that you upload.Very useful utility for Flickr fans who regularly share screenshots with others.


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