Battle of the Social Networks – Is there a Winner?

Many different sites describe themselves in the category of social media. A few tower above the rest, though. The most popular social media networks dominate in terms of daily visits, subscribers, and user engagements. These are the ones that enjoy the name recognition that makes them so divisive among potential customers. It’s not enough to have a social media favorite these days. You have to persuade your friends to agree.

Here are six reasons why one social media site reigns supreme above the rest.

Nobody Talks in Fewer Than 140 Characters

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, “A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books.” Twitter, one of the most popular social media services, artificially limits discussions by reducing them to 140 characters per tweet. The average English word has a length of 5.1 characters, which means that Twitter conversations occur in 27-word installments. That’s a maddeningly reductive way to converse. Facebook, the best social media site, encourages detailed conversations.

Sure, Instagram makes a few lucky people instafamous, but there’s a limit to the entertainment value of the site. While Instagram allows longer posts than Twitter, it’s designed to tell stories via pictures. That gets old fast. Sure, you may want to keep up with some friends from school as their lives evolve. By taking a look at their images, you will get a general sense of what they’re doing and how they pass the time these days. Sure, they’ll look amazing on your smartphone, especially if you have one of Samsung’s large screen phones. That’s the extent of it, though.

What you’re likely to discover are the foods they like and the places where they stand to take selfies. No matter how big a foodie you are, you’ll eventually tire of seeing the same plates over and over again. Similarly, people generally stay in the same region most of their lives. Outside of vacation photos, you’re unlikely to continually enjoy interesting images of your friends. Instagram gets old fast. Facebook allows pictures and even owns Instagram. It offers much more robust services overall, too.

Memories That Don’t Last a Lifetime

Snapchat is similar to Instagram in that it’s a messaging app that has proven so popular that people evaluate it as a social media portal. With a user base of 200 million subscribers after only four years of existence, it’s one of the fastest growing social media services in the world. The problem is that it is limited even in comparison to Instagram, and that’s by design. Snaps disappear after a designated period, making them the equivalent of 1960s spy show messages. Since Facebook is better than Instagram and Instagram is better than Snapchat, this one is obvious.

Even Google Can’t Make It a Thing

More than 187 million people use Google sites each month. The company claims that 300 million people are active users on Google+, their social media portal. The numbers already suggest that’s an impossibility unless active means annual rather than the accepted standard of monthly. Research for January of 2015 indicates that only four to six million people engage by those parameters. Facebook has over a billion active accounts each month. That many people can’t be wrong about the best social media site.

Tumblr is a sloppy but fun microblogging site that is similar in design to Twitter. The difference is that Tumblr has more personality. It encourages readers to interact with one another by sharing thoughts, images, and videos that connect strangers together through their joint love of something. Tumblr is one of the better social media portals on this list due to its personalization. It still falls well short of the capabilities of Facebook, though.

How Many Texts Can You Stand?

WhatsApp is a wildly popular instant messaging app with a built-in user base of 900 million people, making it the most popular social media app in the world. The problem is that it can become all-consuming to use. The average user sends 43 texts a day, which means that people using WhatsApp the most aren’t getting anything else done. Even if you like the functionality, Facebook already includes an instant messaging app that provides instant message notifications. It’s better and not as annoying.

Picking the best social media platform isn’t that difficult. By examining the other contenders, it’s easy to see why Facebook comes out ahead. It does everything that everyone else does, only better.


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