Best Android Apps to Chat with Strangers

If you are here to get some of the best apps to chat with strangers or find new anonymous dating partners, in this time your choices are to be considered. These apps let you connect to and chat with strangers around globally as well as in near region around you.

If you want to meet new people from across the globe, check out these best apps to chat with strangers and meet new people at the same time. Since the very early days of internet and even before the internet, people are trying to connect with someone so, that he/she can chat and talk about their interests, likes, dislikes, etc. As this is the 21st century and everything is going digital, you can download these dating apps for Android to your mobile and start finding a date immediately.

There is a high stock of Android mysterious anonymously chat application to meet and talk with anonymous girls or boys. The best android app ever to meet the stranger’s outsiders is Omegle. Be that as it may, everyone is using the application to chat with strangers to meet new individuals and random conversations with young girls in the US.

In the prior year ago, we used to talk through Yahoo Chatrooms at random to chat with strangers outside our country. However, those days are no more. In present days, we install the android application to make video chat with strangers meet, and talk with obscure ladies or man over the internet.

25 Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

You can find a huge list of dating apps for Android on Google Play Store. However, these are personally tested, trustworthy, and being used by thousands of people from across the globe.


Tinder is probably the best chat with strangers app for Android and iOS, which comes with an elegant user interface that attracts more users. Although some people say that Tinder is full of spammers, yet it turned out quite useful for thousands of people. The unique feature of Tinder is you cannot talk to anybody right away. Instead, you can “swipe right” a person, and that person needs to do the same to start a chat.

It helps people to talk to strangers only when he or she is interested. You can choose the distance to find people. Although Tinder comes with premium subscriptions, you can use it for free as well.


Who doesn’t want to chat with stranger girls or boys? If you do, you can certainly use Moco, which allows you to various chatrooms. For security reasons, you must have to sign up for an account. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play Store, and that defines the popularity of this app. As you can join the chatroom, that implies you would be able to chat with a group of people as well as one person privately.

Like Tinder, you can add your current location to find people near to you. Talking about the sign-up, you can use either Facebook account or Google Plus account or any other email option.


Being available in 190 countries and 47 languages, Andrey Andreev’s Badoo app has got more than 350 million users on earth. The intuitive user interface has attracted more people since past couple of years. It comes with a single sign-up process that leads you towards the chatroom, where you can make new friends, find a date or just talk to strangers.

When it comes to anonymous chat app download, Badoo can fulfill that demand. Based on your experience and knowledge, you can be anonymous of known on Badoo. As it has a wide users range, you can certainly find someone to talk with about anything and anytime.


Qeep Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Qeep is one of the best dating apps for Android that allows people to talk to strangers right after sign up. You can check whether someone is online or not. Based on your settings, this would be possible to find people near you or international people from the same window.

You can send only text messages to strangers. Regarding other option, people can play games right in this app to be entertained.

You can upload photos, and that will be shared across the world, where other people can see.



Azar Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Azar is the best stranger video chat app for Android that is available in more than 190 countries. Being said that, it has been download more than 100 million times from Google Play Store. As per the statement, you can do video chat since it will let you get rid of spammers and bots.

Talking about the text message, that is possible too. Like Facebook, you can create a friend list and talk to them whenever possible.

Although this is free, you can purchase various features or boost your profile for $0.99-$199.


Chatrandom Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

This is a pretty basic Android app for chatting with strangers, but it is quite good regarding features. Talking about popularity, Chatrandom is not that popular, but you can do your job using this app.

This app is available for Android 4.0 and later version. Regarding the user interface, it comes with a neat and clean UI that asks you to select your gender, which is probably everything.

For your information, this app allows you to video chat with strangers.


Chatroulette Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Chatroulette is probably the least favorite app amongst all these. But that doesn’t mean it is useless. Chatroulette is a quite exciting app that lets you video chat with strangers right from Android mobile or computer.

Although the UI looks quite old-school, it will fulfill your demand. You can find profile pictures of the stranger and you alongside the chat tab and that whole thing makes it look weird.

If you have a large screen mobile, it may not create problems, but small screen mobile users will face issues.


MeetMe Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

MeetMe looks pretty good when you need an app that shows every kind of information about the person who you are talking to. That includes you can find his/her sports interest, hobbies, and more other information if you open the person’s profile.

As it gets frequent updates, you can find a beautiful user interface on your screen.

You can send a text message, video chat with strangers, and share photos if you want. It includes a couple of tabs, i.e., Meet, Chat, Discuss, Me. Different tabs contain different information.


First thing first – Mico and Moco are different. Mico is friendlier and more flexible than the other app. This app is mainly for short video sharing, group chat and all. But that doesn’t mean you cannot talk to unknown people.

However, for security purpose, you must have to sign up for either Facebook account or mobile number. The UI is more than good, and it is probably the thing that has been attracting more users.

The bandwidth consumption is pretty low, which makes it even better.

Anonymous Chat

Anonymous chat Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Neat, clean and intended for people, who love to find an age group before start talking. You can choose age group, gender, language, etc. before starting a conversation. Anonymous Chat has been downloaded more than 1 million times from Google Play Store, and you can imagine how useful it is for making a conversation.

But the only problem is sometimes you may not send messages to anybody, and we think this is a server-side problem. Talking about the user interface, you may find cool but not as good as Tinder or MeetMe.

However, this is possible to send an image, emoji, etc. right to a conversation.


When it comes to a beautiful user interface with some interesting features, JustSayHi can top the list easily. Being said that, you can get a private chatroom as well as group chat option that you can use to say hi to an unknown person on this app.

It has a feature like Tinder. That implies you and an unknown person can like each other to become friends. Another useful feature is it has video profile feature, which works something like the “Video profile picture” of Facebook. Apart from that, you can find someone’s interest, hobbies, etc. Like LinkedIn, you can check who has viewed your profile.


Meet4U Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Meet4U is a simple dating app available for Android, which comes with a beautiful feature that shows the distance between you and the person you are currently trying to connect to. You can have two options to choose to talk to someone.

By choosing the affirmative option, you would be able to connect with him/her. You can customize your profile after creating it using the Facebook account or so. On the other hand, this is possible to send pictures, emoji, etc. alongside text message. You can select a distance range, and all the Meet4U users would be visible right on your screen along with the current usage status.


Chatous Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

It doesn’t matter whether you want to send a text message or do video chat with strangers, you can use the Chatous app, which is free and available for Android 4.0 and later version.

The quality of video streaming is pretty good, and you can turn it on anytime you want. Another useful feature of Chatous is you would be able to use various hashtags to search for people with different interests.

The chat window looks fine, and there is nothing to complain about.


Camsurf Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Finding new people or a date is pretty easy when you are using Camsurf. This app has instant cam-to-cam chat option. There are many people who want to find an anonymous chat app for Android, and if you are one of them, you will like Camsurf.

As it doesn’t need any sign up to start chatting with people, it is quite full of spambots. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find any real human. Talking about availability, you need Android 4.0.3 or later version to install it on your mobile. The user interface looks promising. The last but not the least feature is you can have an anonymous chat with an unknown person on Camsurf.


Waplog is more than just a chat app to talk to strangers. Instead, this is a social networking app for math finding. You can have a page like Facebook profile, where you can add all the details about yourself.

Following that, you would be able to connect with unknown people around the globe. Photos, Visitors, Profile, Favorites, Friends, Messages, etc. are the default tabs those show what you are looking for. You can search for people by age, location, gender, etc. It doesn’t matter whether you are connected with someone or not, but you can find the current status of them in case you want to ping him/her.


Tagged Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Just like Waplog, Tagged is another social networking platform for meeting new people across the world. The user interface has a very attractive look that shows the location and age of a person so that you can quickly connect with him/her. Like Tinder, you can like, dislike or remove someone from your search page. Talking about the chat, you would be able to chat with someone privately and make that a group chat as well.

Apart from text messages, you do video chat with strangers. All those things are possible only when you are signed up for either Google account or Facebook account or your email ID.


BeeTalk Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

When it comes to calling someone apart from just sending a text message, BeeTalk can be useful for you. This is more like a public chatroom app for Android 4.1 and later version.

You can join various pre-loaded group chat rooms based on your interest and all. Apart from that, you can search for new friends across your nearby.

However, the problem with this app is if you join a group chat, all the people will be added in your friend list and even if you leave the chat room, all the other members can still view your profile and send you messages.


Anonytext Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

This is a quite old app for Android that lets you send videos, pictures, audios, and text message to anybody without revealing your identity.

In other words, you can send an anonymous message to anyone on Anonytext.

The user interface doesn’t look good, but it is quite popular among many people.

You can connect with anyone, start and stop chatting with him/her anytime you want.

Stranger Chat

Stranger Chat Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

Like some other apps, you do not have to create an account on this app. Being said that, you may find some robotic answers when talking to someone. Right after opening the app, you would be assigned to a stranger to whom you can talk about your interests and all.

You can send images, text messages, etc. through Stranger Chat. Also, you can find the current status so that you can sit back and relax when you are not getting any reply.

Talking about the user interface, it looks pretty good on hand.


Flurv Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

If you have used Facebook, you can find some similarities with this app since you can find a timeline containing pictures from your friends. You can like, comment, etc. on those pictures as well. Regarding finding new people, you can find them by age, gender, location, etc.

In the search result, you will get the online/offline status so that you can determine whether you can talk to them right now or not. Flurv comes with an interesting feature. When it finds a match, you can shake the phone to start a conversation.

In the chat window, you can send a text message, audio message as well as images and gifts.


Lovoo Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

When you need a legit dating partner, cool features, intuitive user interface, availability, etc. in one app, you can opt for Lovoo. This is meaningless to mention that it has a really good-looking user interface that attracts more people.

Talking about finding somebody, you can select a city, age, gender, interests, etc. in the search result page. You can like someone’s profile picture alongside profile, get location details, age, name, current status, etc. on one page.

It comes with several options, but all the things are well categorized. Hence, you will get a neat and clean UI.


Holla is a very useful stranger video chat app for Android that you can use for any purpose. From connecting with a new person to talking to a common friend, you can do everything on the go.

According to the official statement, you can find all the real people in this app. Another feature is you can connect with an unknown person almost instantly and customize the connection with endless features.

The video streaming quality is pretty good, and that makes it even more useful.


Hitwe comes with some useful features such as Fakes and Scam Protection, which makes it better and useful for real human. Talking about functionality, you can get a Tinder-like the option to like to skip someone on the go. Except that, you can find people in your nearest location.

This is possible to open anyone’s profile and send messages or like the profile picture at once. Like Facebook Photo Album, you can find quite a similar feature in Hitwe. Like LinkedIn, you would be able to discover all the people, who have viewed your profile. Talking about the chat window, you can find a neat and clean screen that allows people to send a text message, emoji, gift, etc.


Skout Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

If you have tried Lovoo or Flurv, you may find some similarities in Skout regarding user interface. The UI looks quite good and compiling as well. You can add someone to your favorite list, send messages, view information, etc. If the person has ever connected with you, you can see the timeline as well. Based on where you are, you would be able to find your dating partner by the city.

As all the messages and notifications are being managed differently, you can find a neat and clean UI in this app. Although this is not mentioned on the Google Play Store page, you may need Android 2.3.3 or later version to download it to your mobile.


Facebook Best Apps to Chat with Strangers

If you are making a list of the best app to chat with strangers, you should never forget Facebook since this is the father of all other apps mentioned earlier. It doesn’t require any introduction since you may have already been using it for a long time now. However, one thing you should know about this app. You can try out the Facebook Lite version of the original Facebook app consumes a lot of battery life in a very small span of time. One of the useful features is you can connect with anybody by location, a mutual friend, high school, etc. Apart from that, you can check the photo album, about page (to find some information about someone), and more others. One thing you should download, which is Facebook Messenger. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start a conversation when you are using mobile.

There are hundreds of private chat rooms available on the internet. However, you should check few things before opting for any one of them. Your privacy is the most important thing on the web. As you are about to connect with a stranger, you should never share your any account credential, band account information, credit card details, social security number, etc.

Hope these apps would let you meet new people near you. Download few of them and check which one is working best for you.

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