7 Best Apple Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Apple Safari has been developed by Apple and this is probably the best browser for Mac users since it can save a lot of battery. Considering the features, Safari seems to be the best option and alternative to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when it comes to Mac browser. It doesn’t matter whether you want to browse the internet or watch videos online, you can certainly use this feature-rich web browser that is being developed for Mac. This article comes with some best Apple Safari tips and tricks for Mac users so that you can get most out of this browser. You can be a new or old Mac user, but still, these tips and tricks would be helpful for you for sure.

Best Apple Safari tips and tricks for Mac users

There are many things you can do with Apple Safari. However, these following tricks are quite different to increase your productivity and workflow within moments.

1. Picture in Picture

This is probably the handiest feature of Apple Safari since it allows users watch YouTube and other online videos in a small frame alongside doing some other work. For instance, if you want to write something while watching a video, there is no need to place two windows side by side. Instead, you can enable Picture in Picture feature. To do so, open a YouTube video > right-click on the video player > again right-click on the video player > select “Enter Picture in Picture.” Your video will start playing in a popup window. For a detailed guide, check out this tutorial.

2. Search between tabs

Let’s assume that you have opened thirty tabs in Safari browser. Now the problem is you are not able to find the tab you want to. Therefore, you can search for tabs in Safari browser and get the exact tab. This is possible to find a tab based on the tab name or the web page name that you have opened in a tab. Unfortunately, this search doesn’t work on the content basis. To do this, click on the “Tab Preview” button > press Cmd + F > start typing what you want to find.

3. View URL without opening it

Best Apple Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

If you are familiar with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you might have found that there is an on-demand status bar often visible in the bottom of any web page. This status bar appears with the full link when you hover your mouse over a link on any web page. By default, this is turned off in Apple Safari. If you want to enable this feature, go to View > Show Status Bar.

4. Edit Favorites

Apple Safari shows some web page links on the start screen. You can find two different sections i.e. Favorites and Frequently Visited. If you want to edit the Favorites, here is how to do that. You can edit the link or web address, rename the favorite and so on. For doing that, right-click on a Favorite link and select either Rename or Edit Address. Therefore, you can change them accordingly.

5. Reader View

Reader View is a very useful option included in Apple Safari that allows users to read any web page having a great environment since environment plays a vital role while you are reading. Therefore, you can enable Reader View by clicking the left-side button that visible before the URL bar. By clicking on that button, you can enter Reader View instantly. Following that, you would be able to change the color of the web page, font size, font family, etc.

6. Change user agent

Best Apple Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

If you are a web developer and you often create new websites, this option would be useful for you. You can change the user agent of your browser and check how a web page looks on something else. For instance, if you want to check how a web page looks on iPhone or Windows, you can do that by changing the user agent. For that, go to Develop > User Agent > select an agent that you want to use.

7. Add or remove icons from toolbar

Best Apple Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

By default, there are not so many icons visible on the toolbar. However, if you think some of the icons are not so useful and you want to add or remove or replace them with some other icons, you can do so using this trick. Just right-click on the toolbar > select “Customize Toolbar” > change whatever you want. Therefore, you use drag & drop technique to add a new icon to the toolbar.

There are many other things you can do with Apple Safari browser. However, these Apple Safari tips and tricks should help you if you are a Mac user.

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