Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows, Mac, Android

Skype is one of the best VoIP services that are available for almost all the platforms including Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, etc. It is famous because of many reasons, and it is being used by thousands of offices because it is a business class tool, the quality is excellent, most stable, and the pricing is affordable. However, one thing is missing in this tool. It doesn’t allow users to record calls. No matter what platform or app you use, you would not get this functionality. Therefore, if you want to do that, check out these apps to record Skype calls on Windows, Mac, and Android.

Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows, Mac, Android

There are tons of apps those can record Skype calls. However, these following apps are tested and turned out very useful and easy to use.

Keepvid Pro (Windows, Mac)

Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows

As mentioned before, Keepvid Pro is available for Windows and Mac. As the name says, it is not a free application. However, it worth every penny. This is very easy to record Skype video calls in a couple of steps. Not only that but also you can download videos from various websites such as YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. On the other hand, it has an inbuilt video player that can play 1080p or4K videos downloaded from YouTube. Also, you can convert a video in different formats using this tool. Talking about the first functionality, you can capture videos from a computer screen. That implies you can record Skype calls for playing later, creating tutorials, etc.

iFree Skype Recorder (Windows)

iFree Skype Recorder Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows

iFree Skype Recorder is a handy tool with less but very essential functionalities. The highlight of this tool is you can record unlimited hours of call without any problem. However, while testing, I faced some lag after almost 45-50 minutes. To get started with iFree Skype Recorder, download and install it on your machine, and set it up according to requirements. The main thing you need to set it Atomically and Manually. If you choose “Automatically,” it will record your Skype calls as soon as you call someone, or someone calls you. If you choose manual mode, you need to start this app manually to record any call. As it records in .mp3 format, you can use the recorded file in other tools or on any other platforms. However, it doesn’t have a clean UI. But you should face problems due to that.

Call Graph Toolbar (Windows)

Call Graph Toolbar Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows

Although it is discontinued, Call Graph Toolbar is quite useful, but the setup process is lengthy, hectic, and requires a little bit of knowledge about what you are doing. Talking about the functionality, it does the job pretty well. Being said that, you won’t face any problem while recording Skype calls on Windows. Do follow the following steps to authorize this app and start recording calls.

At first, download this app and install it accordingly. Following that, open Skype. You should find a warning message like Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart the application.

Restart Skype > go to Tools > Options > Advanced tab > Manage other programs access to Skype.

Now, you can find the Call Graph Toolbar apps on your screen. Following that, you need to select Allow this program to use Skype.

After following a couple of screen options, you would be able to record your calls. During the recording, you should find a Recording started message on your screen.

TalkHelper (Windows)

TalkHelper best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows

Once TalkHelper was available for free. Nonetheless, now you need to purchase it for $49.95/PC. At this price point, you would be able to record Skype Voice as well as Video call using this tool. The quality of video and audio would change with the bandwidth. It saves all the voice messages on local drive. Managing and playing all the recorded files are very easy. You can find all the recordings in the Documents folder of your computer. TalkHelper is different because it gets integrated into the Skype system and records every frame. However, it always depends on the computer configuration, internet connection, etc. The user interface of TalkHelper is neat and clean. You can find all the recordings, full name, date & time, duration, etc. on the same window.

VodBurner (Windows, Mac)

VodBurner Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows

VodBurner is available for Windows and Mac for free. The audio and video quality of VodBurner is outstanding, and that makes this tool even better. Like TalkHelper, it gets integrated into the system and records everything that you say to another person. It records all the videos in .mp4 format, and that is an advantage since you can use that standard video file on any other platform. Although the older version of VodBurner didn’t allow users to edit videos, now you can do that with the latest version. Talking about the setup process, it is precisely same as Call Graph Toolbar. That means you need to navigate to Tools > Options > Advanced tab > Manage other programs access to Skype and choose the app as required.

Skype Auto Recorder (Windows)

Although some people have claimed that Skype Auto Recorder is not working on Windows 10 v 1607 or later version, you can try this on older version such as Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1. It records audio is very high quality (45 kHz 320 kbps). On the other hand, there is no time limit for recording Skype audio calls. The highlight of this tool is you can set different filters. For example, this is possible to record calls with contacts or group of contacts to different files or record all call irrespective of any filter, and so on. After installing it on your machine, you can find an icon in the system tray. If you are getting the grey icon, it means the Skype is not connected to Skype Auto Recorder. If you are getting the green icon, it means Skype is installed, and this app is properly connected to Skype. If you are getting a Red icon, it says the app is recording your conversation.

Ecamm (Mac)

Best Apps to Record Skype Call on Windows, Mac, Android

Ecamm is probably the best Skype call recording app for Mac that costs around $39.95. It requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer version and Skype 6.15 or later version. Talking about the user interface of this app, you should not bother since it displays a little window where all the options are listed. For example, you can find record, settings, search buttons in that window those help you record and manage recordings. This is a business class level Skype call recorder that records calls automatically. However, the drawback is it doesn’t offer any filter like most of the Windows apps offer. The best part of Ecamm is you can save either voice call or video call or both. The quality of the recording is top notch. Talking about the setup, it doesn’t require more than 30 seconds to be set up.

QuickTime Player (Mac)

Best Apps to Record Skype Call on mac

QuickTime Player for Mac can record calls seamlessly. As this is an inbuilt tool of OS X, you do not need to install any third-party software to record Skype calls on Mac OS X. QuickTime Player allows you record screen, and you can make use of that option to get it done. To get started, open the QuickTime Player, go to File > New Screen Recording. Do not forget to select Internal microphone as the audio source.

AZ Screen Recorder (Android)

AZ Screen Recorder is a free screen recording app for Android that is available for Android 5.0 or later version. Although not all the screen recording apps can record Skype calls on Android, you can try this since it has worked before. The free version has some limitations such as you cannot record unlimited minutes, you cannot remove the icon from the status bar, and so on.

Cube Call Recorder ACR (Android)

Best Apps to Record Skype Call on android

Cube Call Recorder ACR mainly record standard voice calls. However, it can also integrate into other apps such as Skype and record calls accordingly. The best part is you can share the call after recording with anyone via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Bluetooth, etc. It is a free app and available for Android 4.1 or later version.

Important Note: This is not possible to record video as well as audio on Android without having root access. The Android system doesn’t allow users to do that.

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