Best Chrome Extensions For Sharing Screenshots

Most of us use Google Chrome web browser. We face many problems with the desktop and we are supposed to share the screen with the troubleshooting team or support team. We use many screen sharing softwares and that is not needed if you are using Google Chrome web browser. It provides you the extensions that can be added to your chrome browser, which does the job of sharing screenshots. We will take you through the best chrome extensions.

Best Chrome Extensions for taking screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is one of the best chrome extensions for sharing screenshots. After you install the extension, an icon is shown on the chrome browser. When you want to take a screenshot, click on the icon and many options are shown. You can take screenshot of full page or selected area. You can even take screenshot of the visible area on the page.

Awesome Screenshot

It also allows you to blur or hide the confidential information. You can even add some colored lines and annotations likes circles, rectangles and more to the page you want to take screenshot. You can save the edited page as image or can share the link to any website you want. It also allows you to save to your cloud service directly.


Lightshot is simple to use and is light weight. It is easy to take screenshots which can be customized. When you want to take the screenshot, click on the icon and select the region which you want to share. Save it to your local space or to the drive.

Lightshot extension

If you want to get the link for sharing it, then you need to upload it to the Lightshot server and it gives you the link. Apart from other chrome extension, this will allow you to search for similar screenshots. This is the most needed among other chrome extensions.


SnagIt also works similar to previous discussed chrome extensions for sharing screenshots. The unique feature if this is, it saves the screenshot to your Google Drive and it will be in sync with it. Just click on the icon in the chrome extensions section and select the options from the menu.


This works well and is easy to use. You can use any options from the available options and select the screen you want to share. This is the best extension used for sharing screenshots.

These are some of the best chrome extensions for sharing screenshots. If you have used any of them before, please let us know your feedback. Please, do share with us through comments, if you have any more chrome extensions similar to this.


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