Best Free Android Apps to Check Color Blindness

Do you know, that the color blindness is a vision deficiency syndrome of a particular color? It comes in various types with most common being added green color blindness. In this health-conscious article to check the color blindness, most of the apps have multiple test option like color management test, camouflage. Some of the apps can tell you a particular type of blindness like tritanomaly, protanomaly. Doors application are working in the same way, check your division quickly if there is any deficiency of vision of any particular color. It suddenly shows you the result.

Best Free Android Apps to Check Color Blindness

There might have loads of other tools for the same purpose, but these following apps are trustworthy, works on almost all versions of Android, most importantly very easy to use.

Color Blindness Test Ishihara

Color Blindness Test Ishihara

Color blindness test Ishihara makes out the deficiency of mission quickly with the help of some test on your eyes on your Android smartphone. It takes only a few seconds to diagnostics your problem. This app will help you understand anybody with color blindness with its camera mode. It explains your color blindness by taking a picture and feign all kind of blindness like anomalous trichromacy, Deuteranomaly, Protanomaly, Protanomaly, Deuteranopia also. It’s split screen mode help you to experience your color blindness and the standard at the same time. In the updated version, which includes a new 2nd test called Farnsworth Dd-15 color management test. This application is totally free and available on the Google Play Store so click here to Download.

Color Blind Check

A color blind check is a new kind of application through which you can check your vision deficiency right on your hand. The test is as simple as easy. It finds color spots particularly with individually touch them. It is so easy to understand, and it does not mean to carry out any number letter or forms. It can be done by young child also. It’s like a play, the more you correct, the more CBC score going to high, and you compare your result with friends and family. He’s going to make a statistic that how many tests you have been taken over it a week or a month. It is available on the Google Play Store, and it is free. Download.

Color Blindness Test

Color Blindness Test

Color blindness test is an application which contains colors that cannot be distinguished. This application based on the Ishihara color test. It is an entirely free application which makes out very quickly if you are a color blind with some tests in few seconds. This application work on the weakness of color egg determines whether you are suffering from vision color deficiency. This application makes a check with some set of pictures hands some pattern with various color dots; it may be Number also. After ending the taste, it will give you a score and the answer you gave for each tested picture. Download.

Though the walking way those applications are quite same, some features are different among them.I am not a patient of color blindness deficiency. But my close friends are suffering with it still now. My recommendation to him to use color blindness test, Ishihara, because it has a lot of tests and some recovery therapy.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best free application and to check color blindness for your health on Android device.

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