Best Free Android Apps for Parents

If you are facing a lot of trouble with your baby and looking for some guideline and trusted advice, then this is the correct article for since here are some best free Android apps for parents or you can say these are some parenting apps. If you are becoming a newly parents, then it’s difficult to regret the newborn baby child. This application will help you about essential commodities for your baby care.

Best Free Android Apps for Parents

After a lot of survey on the Internet, we get three best advanced Parental Control applications for you.

Baby Connect (Activity log)

This is a brand-new application which is most comprehensive for child tracking available on the Google Play Store. There is a lot of option like bottles, nursing, diaper, sleep, activity, medicals, milestone and so on. It produced graphically report of all the activities in weekly average. You can synchronize all the information about your baby care with multiple devices connecting with the child connect ID. Just enough to make an account from with the help of your phone on PC. You can also record not only nursing feeding milestone medical but also mode, temperature playing game with GPS location and photo attached to the baby. You can also make a memo against the vaccine or medicine you give the child last. You can also schedule the notification that helps you to feed the baby with time to time. This is the most download it application on Google Play. Popularity reached 7k. It is not free to use. To make a subscription and buy the application you just have to pay rupees 268.46. Download.

Parentune: parenting community

Parentune Parenting Community Best Free Android Apps for Parents

Pro-parent Solution develops this application. You just have to make a verified parent account to enter the pro-parent community. You can receive expert support from personalized parenting for your child. You can also get a lot of advice by giving your baby birth date or the month of pregnancy. Once you verified all the details about you and your baby, you get a personalized support expert for your journey of parenting. You can also read a related blog about parenting for your child. This application has a synchronizing system with you follow parents show the live feed about your real time. To grab this application from Google Play Store, click on Download.

BabyGoGo parenting & baby tips

Babygogo Parenting and Baby Tips

Parenting is a very difficult thing for all the new mothers. Babygogo application helps you to guide on the right way of both of baby health and mother care. If you are frustrated and looking for some information which is essential for the child cares, there it is the right application. This application fills up all your requirements such as baby food nutrition child growing which help your child more developed. The expert pediatrician will give your answer. And the medical team also provide about various disease related with age of the child which are common in baby’s typhoid mumps, migrants, mucus, chickenpox, coldness, etc. You can also ask your question for free like something important aspects which are pregnancy intercourse mother care child bath best feeling Maternity and so on. This application has three varieties off topic for a different age like pregnancy, newborn, infant, toddler’s, preschoolers also. It can also provide you Q&A, article, vaccine, reminder, doctor report baby medical report card baby growth tracker. This application is available on Google Play Store. Download.

Hope this article will be very helpful to you to choose the parent to control the application for your child.

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