Best Free Apps to Find Devices Connected to Wi-Fi network

What is the best free app to find all the devices connected to Wi-Fi network or router? If you are looking for the answer of this question, you are probably the on the best web page. We cannot think anything without the Internet. From your home to you corporate networks, your device is looking for a Wi-Fi connection. Now all the smartphone operated with Android come with wi-fi Technology. It is the most vital component of any smart device. If you have a Wi-Fi router in your home and you want to check whether someone is using it or not, here are some apps to find devices connected to Wi-Fi network. You can scan any particular system using different tools, but these following tools are available for Android.

Best Free Apps to Find Devices Connected to Wi-Fi network

There is a lot of application you can find on Google Play Store. But I prefer two of the applications enlisted inside my Android device permanently because they carry a good reason behind it.

1. NetX- Network Discovery Tools

NetX - Network Discovery Tools

NetX will help you to scan all the wireless network with high quality and the number of devices connected with them. It makes you see some most valuable information on the Wi-Fi network like IP address, MAC address, Vendor, Bonjour name, NetBIOS name and Domain also. The new Wake on LAN(WOL) technology makes your device like a remote during the sleep mode as you are connected with the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. It also has Secure Shell (SSH) to view the operating system version install on the remote device. If any Wi-Fi network is going to be offline, then it permanently deletes them as they are useless. Download.

2. Wifi Inspector

Wifi Inspector

Without Wi-Fi network, you cannot access an unlimited usage of internet. Tethering your device, to make a hotspot is a big thing to share our network with our best buddies. Now if an anonymous person is connected to your wireless network without taking your permission then what have to do? It just slows down your browsing speed and stole your data. Wi-Fi Inspector helps you to see on the device connected to your network either with your router or your smartphone, laptop. It’s main work to give you all the details such as IP address manufacturer MAC address and the device name of the anonymous connectors. Download.


They give me a good result whenever I want to connect to any Wi-Fi network. There will be some of the certain functions which maybe make you disappointed, but according to me this too is very useful. I highly recommend you to keep these two applications with your device. They will help you at the same time.

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