Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows, Mac, Android, Web

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is quite famous to make interactive or moving graphics and gain attention in the small period. You can find GIF being used by Facebook page owners, group admins to share different funny or informational things. If you want to create such graphics, you might need these GIF maker apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and Web. If you have any of these platforms, you can opt for the app mentioned below.

Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows

These tools can be used from the desktop, and you need to download these apps.


ScreenToGif Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows

ScreenToGif is a free Windows application that lets you create beautiful animated graphics or GIF image within moments. It comes with a lot of options, but you cannot find any clutter since all the features are well categorized. From recording to setting up the screen resolution, you need to select everything. Also, this is possible to select the frame rate, and recording time if you want to close the recording automatically. ScreenToGif can help you save the recorded clip in either GIF or standard video formats.


LICEcap is another free Windows application to create GIF images right from the desktop. Although it doesn’t have as many options as ScreenToGif, you can use the given functions to create beautiful animated graphics. This is possible to save the clip to .gif directly. To get started, you need to select the region or window that you want to capture, frame rate, time, etc. To start or pause, you can press Shift + Space button together. Not only Windows, but you can also download it for Mac and Linux as well.


GiftedMonition can be used on any platform that supports Java. If the Java is installed, you can open this app. Otherwise, you need to install or reinstall it to open it up. After opening, you need to go to File > Load. Therefore, you need to select the image that you want to make animated. Following that, you can add various clips, clipart, another icon/image on the existing one to make that look animated. This is quite hectic to use, but it does the job pretty well.

Movie To GIF

Movie To GIF Best GIF Maker Apps for Windows

Movie To GIF is a free Windows software that can create and convert videos to GIF. You can select a standard video file like AVI, MPEG, MP4, etc. and turn that into a GIF. Talking about the user interface, it is quite old looking, but you can find all the options in place. To get started, you need to open the video file, choose the time, resolutions, speed, frame rate, color, etc. because clicking the Save as GIF button. It is available for Windows XP and later version.


PhotoScape icon

PhotoScape is a feature-rich photo viewer and editor for Windows that can create informational GIF within moments. Apart from giving a professional touch to your raw image, you can add video and turn that into a GIF. As usual, this is possible to select frame rate, time, color, etc.

Best GIF Maker Apps for Mac


Filmora Best GIF Maker Apps for Mac

Wondershare’s Filmora is a handy and feature-rich video editing tool for Mac that can be used to create GIF image.  The best part of this tool is you can create GIF image from a still image as well as standard videos such as MP4, AVI, MPEG, MKV, WMV, etc. Also, you can change the GIF image speed, color, rotate, crop, etc. If you are a Facebook page owner, you can try out the caption, and effects tools of this software that make the GIF even better.

GIF Brewery by Gfycat

GIF Brewery by Gfycat How to Create GIF Image on Mac Best Apps to Make GIF

GIF Brewery by Gfycat is a free yet very much equipped with tons of options so that you can make a beautiful GIF image within moments. You can open video and create GIF out of that, import online video, record screen and record the webcam as well. Talking about the setup, you can resize, crop, change frame rate, add image filters, and more. For sharing, you can upload the file to Gfycat, and share the link with friends.


GIPHY Capture How to Create GIF Image on Mac Best Apps to Make GIF

GIPHY is quite better than the tool mentioned above since it is easier to use, and it doesn’t lag at all. Apart from having standard functions, you can record videos as it allows you record screen. For that, you can choose a custom resolution, as well. Although it doesn’t come with as many features as Gfycat, you can do the job pretty well and in time.


GIFGrabber Best GIF Maker Apps for Mac

GIFGrabber can record any screen, anytime. By using GIFGrabber, you can create an animated graphics within moments. To get started, you need to install the app. After opening, you would need to select the window or region that you want to record. You can use your mouse or trackpad to select the area. Following that, the Start Capture and Stop Capture buttons will start and stop the capture respectively. Right after that, you can find the link that you can share with anyone.


Gimp is a popular photo editing software for Mac and a great alternative to Photoshop. Therefore, if you have already install Gimp on your machine, you can utilize that to create GIF image on Mac. The GIF interface lets you select the photo, image quality, smoothness, size, resolution, etc. After clicking the Save button, it will save the animated graphics to .gif format.

Best GIF Maker Apps for Android


GIPHY CAM Best GIF Maker Apps for Android

GIPHY CAM is a free Android application that lets you create GF image on Android. It comes with a lot of customization options so that you can create interactive graphics right from your mobile. You can add various effects, record video through rear/front camera, import icon/clip art from third-party resources, and so on. After creating, you would be able to share the image with your friends easily.

GIF Maker

As the name says, this app creates GIF on Android mobile. Like a professional creator, you can create GIF image from a video as well as still image. Meaningless to mention that you can record screen and turn that into a GIF image. On the other hand, you can create GIF Boomerang as well. Talking about the production interface, GIF Maker offers crop, resize, frame selection, color adjustment, etc. This is also possible to write text anywhere on the video or image.

Camera MX

Camera MX is a handy and free GIF maker for Android that stands for only unlimited effects. Although it doesn’t allow you record video through front camera, you can do that with the rear camera. Talking about the effects, it comes with lots of effects that you can apply to your video and turn that into a GIF image. Timer, grid lines, fast forward, slow motion, etc. are available in this app as well.

Footej Camera

Footej Camera Best GIF Maker Apps for Android

Footej Camera can record 4K video, and this is the plus point of having it on your mobile. Apart from that, you can get a lot of options like crop, resize, color correction, timer, slow motion, fast forward, effects, burst shot mode, etc. with this app. Being a GIF image maker for Android, you can save your photo to .gif with the help of this app. Also, as mentioned before, you can get a great camera app on your mobile if you install it.

DU GIF Maker

DU GIF Maker Best GIF Maker Apps for Android

DU GIF Maker does the job what it has been made for. In other words, you can convert a still image into GIF image, create GIF from existing video, record screen to create GIF from various YouTube or online video, etc. The best part is it comes with an excellent GIF editor to make your animated graphics more attractive. The only problem is old Android phone users cannot get the GIF recording feature since it is available from Android 5.0.

Best Tools to Create GIF Online

No matter which platform or device you are using, you can try out these following tools those are available online and equally great.


Giphy Best Tools to Create GIF Online

GIPHY is popular as a GIF search engine. However, you can use GIHPY to create impressive animated graphics within moments. This is possible to develop GIF from a photo and video. The best part is you can import YouTube video or Vine graphics directly to this app so that you can save time and bandwidth. In the editing panel, you can find the duration selection and start time selection options.


EzGif Best Tools to Create GIF Online

EzGIF is another free tool to create GIF online. Although it doesn’t allow you create GIF from YouTube video, you can try this to create an animated image using still pictures. You can upload up to 2000 files at a time, but it should not exceed 100MB in total. After uploading, you would get an option to select the frame, delay time, loop count, etc.

Make A GIF

Make A Gif Best Tools to Create GIF Online

Make A GIF is another very feature-rich web app to create GIF online. It has some options those are unavailable in other tools. For example, you can get Facebook to GIF option, which you cannot find in other tools. Apart from that, you can create GIF from images, YouTube video, standard video, record video through webcam, or upload an existing GIF image to edit.


Imgur Best Tools to Create GIF Online

Imgur can create GIF image from YouTube video only. However, this is faster than other tools. Although it doesn’t provide a lot of tools to adjust color, add text, insert clip art, change loop count, etc. but you can just create a standard GIF image using this tool.

That’s all! Hope these tools would be helpful for you to create GIF offline and online and from YouTube video.

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