Best Google Apps for Android Those Can Replace Other Apps

Google, the web giant, has developed tons of free apps for Android as well as iOS those can replace some of the paid apps those are available for the Android platform. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or businessman or anybody else, you can certainly use Android mobile without any problem. The best thing about Android is you can download a ton of free apps. If you have already started using subscription-based paid apps, this is the time when you need to consider these following apps. The only reason why you should check them out if you can download them for free. Another reason is they are being managed by Google.

Best Google Apps for Android Those Can Replace Other Apps

Best Google Apps for Android Those Can Replace Other Apps

1] Weather

Although Google doesn’t have a dedicated weather app, you can get proper weather forecast with the help of a Google app that installed on most of the Android mobiles. It doesn’t matter whether your phone has stock Android or customized ROM, you can download the Google app on your mobile, and that is enough for you to get all the information mentioned in this list. To check the weather forecast, you need to open the corresponding app and search for related keywords like “weather forecast” or “weather report” or anything like that. You can find whether it will rain or not if it will snow or not and so on. You can find present day’s report, tomorrow’s report as well as next ten day’s report. From the settings, you can add the weather option on your home screen, change the unit of temperature and so on.

2] News

If you have installed Google app, you no longer have to install any other news app on your mobile since the homepage of Google app shows all the latest happenings on the same page. No matter whether you want to read the country-specific news, world news, tech news, sports news, entertainment news or anything else, you can certainly use this feature of Google app. The user interface of the news section is pretty good, and you should not have any issue using it. All the links of web pages open inside the app. However, if you want, you can open them in Google Chrome as well. For that, you must have the browser installed on your mobile.

3] Sports

From the point as mentioned above, you might have already got an idea that you can read latest sports related news in Google app. However, do you know that you can check live score updates, team lineup, injury news, preview, match review, match analysis and so on in the same app? You just need to enter the sports name or tournament name or team name to get the news on your screen. For example, if you want to know the last match result of Manchester United, you can do that by typing the name in the search box. On the other hand, you can enter the English Premier League, or La Liga or something like that to check out the point table, fixtures, match details, and more others.

4] Reminder

Google has developed an app called Google Keep, which is, undoubtedly, the best note-taking the app for Android. However, if you do not like to install another app on your mobile but you want to set a reminder, there are two things you can do. You can either use Google Calendar, or you can use the dedicated Google app. To use Google app to set reminder, you can do the following things. At first, open the Google app and search for “set reminder.” It will show you an interface, where you can enter the text, title, time, and place. Once you save the reminder, you can find that on Google Keep as well. It doesn’t take much time yet this is very useful for any user.

5] Translator

There are many people, who often try to find the meaning of a word or use thesaurus. Instead of installing a third-party app, you can use the Google app to fix that problem. In one hand, you can translate from one language to another, and on the other hand, you can get a thesaurus like functionality. To get started with this option, you can do these things. At first, open the Google app and enter a keyword like “translate.” After that, you can enter the unknown word. Therefore, you need to select the language that you want to convert into. Once selected, you will find the meaning of that word right on your screen. If you expand this option, you will get all the synonyms of that word right on your mobile screen. You can copy whatever word you like.

6] Currency Converter

Let’s assume that you are about to go to a foreign country and you want to want to know the currency rate of that country. Instead of installing a third-party app just for knowing the conversion rate of your currency, you can utilize the currency converter option in Google app for Android. No matter whether you want to convert from Euro to INR or INR to Dollar or Pound to Dollar or anything else, you can certainly do that with the help of this functionality. As this is very easy, you do not need to spend more than 5 seconds to get the converted rate. To get started, open Google app and enter a keyword like this:

$1 in INR

1 pound in INR

or something like that.

That’s it! These are some of the things you can do with Google app. In other words, if you install the Google app, you do not have to install almost six different apps in your mobile, and hence, you can get some free space to install something other.

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