Best Google Chrome extension to Hide Unnecessary Elements from Twitter

Twitter is being used by almost everyone and it is well known that it is being used by all celebrities. We often keep in touch with everyone using Twitter or other social networking website. Twitter keeps us showing the latest trends and who to follow. Some of them might not be interested to see these things and they do not have any option rather than looking at them. Twitter does not provide you any option by default to hide such things.

Hide Twitter Guff_Hide unnecessary elements from twitter

But, there is a best Google chrome extension by name Hide Twitter Guff which does this job for you. It hides the trends and who to follow section of your Twitter account and you can get them back when you want.

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How to hide unnecessary elements for Twitter using Hide Twitter Guff?

This best Google Chrome extension is really easy to use and you can hide those unnecessary things from Twitter with just few clicks and we will see how to do that in step by step process.

STEP 1: First step is to install Hide Twitter Guff from Chrome Web store.

STEP 2: Once installation is done, open and log in to your Twitter account.

STEP 3: Once logged in to your Twitter account, you see that the trends and who to follow sections are not visible. They are hidden by the Hide Twitter Guff extension by default.

Hide Twitter Gff hides trends

STEP 4: If you wish to get back the trends and who to follow section, then click on the blue bird icon which can be seen on the right corner of your address bar.

Hide Twitter Guff icon

STEP 5: Options window gets opened and it shows options to show or hide sections. You can decide which section between Trends and who to follow to show and hide. Based on your need make the changes and click on Save my preferences.

Hide Twitter Guff_options

Suppose, if you decide to hide both trends and who to follow sections from options, then you can see that those sections are hidden on your Twitter dashboard. This best Google Chrome extension also hides promoted Tweets or ads on your Twitter dashboard.

This way, you can skim through your Tweets in Twitter without any distraction. This only works for website version of Twitter and that too in Google Chrome. Have you tried this to hide unwanted sections from Twitter? It is really easy to do hide unwanted sections from Twitter.

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