Best Google Chrome Extension to take Screenshots

Whenever we found some software is out of date or some application is throwing an error in our PC, then we would report it to the support team by sending the screenshot. So, screenshot plays the key role here. Normally, we use default or in-built image editors or screen capturing softwares, like Paint in Windows. But, we do not rely on it completely.

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If you are looking for some best tool for taking screenshots on your PC, then this article is of a great help. You are no more in need of big software to be installed in your PC to take some awesome and clear screenshots, but can be done with simple and best Google Chrome Extension by name Nimbus Screenshot.

Nimbus Screenshot_Best Google Chrome Exxtension

Take Screenshot with Best Google Chrome Extension Nimbus Screenshot

There might be many Google Chrome Extensions to make your work easy, but I found Nimbus Screen is one of the best Google Chrome Extension to take Screenshots. It is available for all browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Opera. You just need to visit the Chrome Web store and install the Nimbus Screenshot Extension for Chrome. Once it is installed, you can see the small Nimbus icon on the top right of your Google Chrome Browser.

Nimbus Screenshot Icon

What all you can do with Nimbus Screenshot?

Nimbus Screenshot allows you to take screenshot based on your need. Just click on the Nimbus icon and it shows the various options.

Screen Capturing options in Numbus Screenshot

You can take the screenshot of the full webpage, selected area, only visible part of the page and more. If you want to edit any image using Nimbus, you can just click on Blank Screen and it opens the new page allowing you to import and edit the image.

Nimbus Screenshot_BlankPage

If you want to take the screenshot of the selected area, then you can do this, by just clicking on the selected area option. This allows you to select the area by dragging on the screen and the selected are is captures, by just clicking on the tick mark. You can even edit or cancel the selection.

Nimbus Screenshot_selected area

You can even add some text and draw on the captured screenshots with the editing tools it has provided.

Change settings in Nimbus Screenshot

You can decide whether your screenshot should be saved in ‘.jpeg’ or ’.png’ format through options. Click on the Nimbus icon and on Options. It opens the Screenshot settings window and you can select the image quality, shortcuts and the format. Make and save settings as you want and start capturing the screenshots.

Settings in Nimbus Screenshot

This Nimbus Screenshot Google Chrome Extension allows you to capture entire webpage and selected area with just few clicks and the screenshots are of good quality.

Get Nimbus Screenshot Google Chrome Extension

What do you think about this best Google Chrome Extension? If you have anything to add, please do share with us through comments.

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