Best GPS Trackers For Kids To Track Them Everywhere

Nowadays, you should always look after your kids – no matter how old he/she is. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is at home and you are in the market, or the kid has gone to school, you should know where your kids are. To do that, you can install a GPS in his/her school bag or somewhere so that you can track him/her concurrently. If you have kids and you want to do that, the following list might be helpful for you. These are the best GPS tracker for kids to track them everywhere.

Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

1] Jiobit

Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

Jiobit is probably the best solution for your kids as it is small, adaptive, and it provides a good battery backup. If your kid is about to go on an excursion, or school picnic, you might want to get a more battery life from the tracker. At such moments, Jiobit excels without any issue. You can purchase the monthly subscription that costs $12.99/month. On the other hand, a 2-year commitment comes at $8.99/month. You can set locations so that it notifies you when your kids reach the place. In the box, it has Hem-lock clip, secure loop, ring, USB cable, etc. This is possible to place it almost anywhere in your kid’s school bag or body itself. Purchase

2] Verizon GizmoWatch

Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

As the name suggests, Verizon GizmoWatch is a wristwatch for kids that helps parents to track them anywhere. It supports 4G LTE network so that you can make a two-way voice call whenever you want. The best thing is that you can synchronise that smartwatch with up to ten contacts so that you can always keep an eye on him/her. It has fitness functionality as well so that it reminds your kids to work out. According to the official statement, you can use it for at least four days for a single charge as it has 510mAh battery. The screen size is 1.3-inch, and the resolution is 240×240 pixels. It doesn’t weigh a lot, but the colour combination can be a problem as it offers only blue and pink. On the official Verizon website, the GizmoWatch is priced at $129.99 only. Purchase

3] Relay

Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

Relay is quite expensive, but it does the job pretty well. First thing first. It lets you make a two-way voice call with your kids on the 4G LTE network, which is very common in these present days. The most important thing about this device is that you can find a geofencing facility. That implies you can set a geo boundary so that you can get notification whenever your kid crosses that line. Although the battery backup is not as good as GizmoWatch, it provides a good battery life of two days. Apart from that, the tracker is water-resistant. Therefore, no matter if your kid plays with friends or forgets to keep an umbrella in the rainy season, it will keep working without any issue. It is a dedicated GPS tracker that comes with several colour combinations, including blue, red, black, etc. You need to pay $24.99 to get the product. After that, $9.99/month is mandatory to pay to keep using the service. It comes with a one year warranty as well. Purchase

4] AngelSense GPS Tracker

AngelSense GPS Tracker is another handy GPS tracker for kids to track them all the time from a mobile. It can show various things, including locations, routes, speed of transit, etc. On the other side, you can get GPS updates every 10 seconds so that you can know even if your kid has crossed a road successfully or not. Like geofencing, AngelSense GPS Tracker comes with a similar feature that helps you get an alert instantly if your kid reaches an unknown location. This GPS tracker is available only in the USA and Canada, and it can work on any cellular network. The problem with this tracker is voice calling. It has a one-way voice call. In other words, you can hear what is happening with your kid or around him/her, but your kid cannot listen to your voice. The original price of this GPS tracker is $229. Purchase


Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

XPLORA 4 is the latest version of this company’s GPS tracker series. This is a smartwatch for kids that helps you track them anywhere in real-time. You can add up to 2 administrators who can follow the kids in real-time. The best thing is that it works with 4G, 3G, as well as 2G connection. It has a 2MP camera included in the watch. On the other hand, you can expect a very good battery backup from the 800mAh battery. Being a smartwatch, it holds a display that is 1.4-inch in size. The good thing is that it is IP68 waterproof smartwatch so that you do not encounter any interruption while tracking even when it is raining outside. This smartwatch has three colour variants, i.e. Blue, Pink, and Turquoise. The price of this device is fine as you need to pay £179.99 as a one-time fee. Purchase

6] Amber Alert GPS

Best GPS Trackers To Track Kids

Amber Alert GPS is a simple GPS tracker for kids, but it has some features to make it better than others. When other trackers can help you track the kid all the time, this tracking service has a dedicated team that can help you get a medical team or law enforcement for your kid whenever possible. You can get a dedicated agent from this company who is always ready to get such services in an emergency. The SOS call button can get anything for your kid when needed. They are available 24/7, but the price is quite high. This is recommended when your kid is going on a trip or something like that. The Premium service costs $25/month, whereas the Standard service is priced at $15/month only. Purchase

There are more other GPS trackers for kids, but these are some of the best in this business. No matter whether you are in the USA or Canada or the UK, you can check out this list to get something quickly.


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