Best iMessage Apps and Stickers on iOS 10

If you have upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 10, you might have seen that Apple has included a new feature in iMessage called apps. This “Apps” will assist users to send stickers and find better images for your friends. Being an attractive and native messaging app for iOS, iMessage has been helping iDevice users to do different things quicker. As you can see that you can find Apps in iMessage that will enhance your experience and find out even more stickers, what we use more in our daily chat. Here are some best iMessage apps and sticker packs for iOS 10 that you can download or purchase from the official App Store.

Best iMessage Apps and Stickers on iOS 10

There are many iMessage apps and sticker packs on iOS 10, but here are only a few of them that you can use anytime. However, at first, learn how to install and use iMessage apps on iOS 10.


1] Genius (Free)

Who doesn’t like music? If you and your friend like music a lot and you want to send the song lyrics to your friend, you can install Genius, which is a free iMessage app for iOS 10 users. You can embed song lyrics in your message that can be found after searching. According to the developers, you can search for 1.7 million songs inside Genius. Download

2] GIF Keyboard (Free)

To say or express something properly, we often use GIF. Nowadays, Facebook has this feature. Like that, you can download GIF Keyboard on iOS 10 to create and send GIF stickers to someone through iMessage. This is possible to search for GIFs inside this pack. The best part is you can create your GIF sticker using GIF Keyboard. Download

3] ESPN (Free)

Everyone likes sports and ESPN is one of the best sources to find sports news and live scores. Therefore, if you want to send some sports news or scores of any match, you can install ESPN app that will let you do what is mentioned above. It is completely free and let you search for any sports that are being covered on ESPN website. Download

4] The Weather Channel (Free)

If you are about to go on a tour and want to check the weather forecast on your mobile, The Weather Channel is a popular app that can show you all the things right on your screen. The same app can be used within iMessage for iOS 10. You can send the weather report of certain place to your friends through iMessage. Download

5] Circle Pay (Free)

There are many ways to send money to someone and Circle Pay will assist you to send money over iMessage. This is a very secure iOS app that helps users to send money to someone without any additional fee. You can transfer money in different currencies including the dollar, euro, etc. You just need to create an account, and so does your friend. Following that, you can send money using this app. Download

6] OpenTable (Free)

Nowadays, we often book tables in various restaurants online. The same thing can be done over iMessage through this online table booking application that is available for iOS 10. You can use this app to share restaurants details with friends over iMessage. Also, this is possible to book a table using the same app. Download

7] GamePigeon (Free)

If you want to play the game on iMessage with friends or anybody, you can simply download GamePigeon app for iOS. This free gaming application will let you play 8-ball, sea battle, Anagrams and Gomoku over iMessage. The interface is pretty good, and you won’t have any issue to play this game. Download

8] JibJab (Free)

Another free app that assists users to find GIF and other stickers for your friends. On the other hand, this is possible to snap a selfie, add face from camera roll, store friends’ face for easy access, choose eCards, Music videos, and more others. All those things are available in one tap. Download

9] iTranslate (Free)

If you want to chat with a person who cannot speak your language, you can simply opt for an iTranslate app that will aid you to transfer different language to your language in real time. The real time translation needs internet, and you can also use an offline translator that is available in over 90 languages. Download

10] Words With Friends (Free)

If you want to play the popular crossword game with your friends over iMessage, you can opt for this app called Words with Friends. You can create any number of words. The best part is this is possible to choose a language since six different languages are available in this app. You will also be able to track your performance using the usage data. Download

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