Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android

Android mobiles are quite famous for gaming since some Android mobiles come with impressive hardware that is compatible to run high-end games without any problem. If you like to play racing games, but you do not want to use an internet connection all the time, you should check out this list. Here are some of the best offline car racing games for Android that you can play on your mobile without any issue. Some games require a package to download before playing them without an internet connection, and that package is big sometimes.

Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android

1] Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne is one of the best car racing games available for Android devices. Although many people think that it is an online game, you can play it offline as well if you download the whole package. Talking about the game, it comes with probably the best graphics with top-end features to customize cars, tracks, etc. You may not get all the location and car-related updates while playing offline, but everything is fine if you exclude those updates. You need Android 4.1 and later version to install this game. Download

2] Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme is for those who like rallying. Rallying is a different kind of race, and if you want to play such a racing game, this game is probably your life-saver. The developers of Asphalt 8 and Xtreme are the same, and therefore, you can expect the top-notch quality in this game as well. From graphics to functionalities and cars – everything can be customized and used according to the user’s requirements. It offers over 50 cars and tons of racing tracks to the users. Although this game is available for free, you may need to purchase some deals to unlock all cars and tracks. It is available for Android 4.0.3 and later version. Download

3] Racing Horizon : Unlimited Race

Racing Horizon is an ultimate offline racing game for Android which comes with tons of handy functionalities so that users can achieve the most out of a game. It has a multiplayer mode, but you cannot use that without connecting to the internet. From customization to upgrade – everything is available in this game. However, things are quite limited while playing offline. The graphics are retro-styled, but you shouldn’t have any problems playing this game. Controls are pretty good and equipped with proximity sensors and on-screen options. Like other games, you can download it for free, but you need to spend money to unlock all cars and customization. Download

4] 4×4 Mountain Car Driving

Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android

If you like to experience a 4×4 vehicle in the mountains, you should start downloading this game called 4×4 Mountain Car Driving. It is one of the best 4×4 car driving games available for Android. It has some racing tracks, but you need to be very experienced to win them. It offers some of the best 4×4 cars in the game so that you do not get bored. On the other hand, it has a smooth user interface alongside a detailed location map. This game is entirely free to download, but it shows advertisements. Talking about compatibility, you need Android 4.0 or later version. Download

5] CSR Racing 2

Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android

If you need good graphics in an offline game, you should try CSR Racing 2 which comes with old-school cars, but the graphics are top-notch. Customizing a car in CSR Racing 2 is not that easy, and you need to pass a lot of stages to get that done. Many professional gamers have praised this game for having excellent graphics. The cars, tracks, and the whole location look real. If you play this game online, you can race with other real people, but it is not possible if you do not allow this game to use your internet connection. Another unique feature is you can find AR mode in this game. Therefore, you can showcase your cars in AR mode. Regarding availability, you need Android 4.4 and later version to download it. Download

6] Drag Racing

Drag Racing is another awesome offline car racing game for Android that is available for Android 4.1 and later version. This game offers a multiplayer mode, 1-on-1 mode, etc. However, all those things require an internet connection. If you do not allow this game to use data, you will end up racing with preset competitors or bots. You can find more than 50 licensed cars that are currently running on the streets. Before installing this game, make sure you like the camera angle of drag racing. It looks like a retro game, but that is enough to keep you busy. One useful feature of this game is “test drive” that allows you to test a car before purchasing. Download

7] GT Racing 2

Best Offline Car Racing Games For Android

You should have a good data connection to download the whole package of this game. Although it looks small (40MB) on the download page, you need to download more than that to play it offline. No matter whether you play this game with or without the internet, you can find the same graphics everywhere. The UI helps this game stand out in the crowd even if you exclude the available features. Making upgrades is pretty easy and straightforward. From rims to car color to the whole car, you can customize and upgrade everything. Regarding compatibility, you need to have Android 4.1 or later version. Download

Finding an excellent offline racing game for Android is not that easy. However, you can download these games and play them without any internet connection.

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