The Best Portable App Suites for Windows

A portable app suite let’s you carry all the important software applications in a USB stick or a removable hard drive. You can use the software on multiple computers and do not have to download and installing anything.

While there are individual portable applications which work as simple as launching the exe file, there are a couple of advantages with using Portable app suites. First, you get a full featured interface to launch the applications from the Windows system tray – this includes the browser, an email client or a word processor.

Second, when the suite updates or releases a newer version, you can update your current portable app version very easily.

Here are some of the best portable apps suite for Windows (comparison):

1. Portable is the most comprehensive among the lot and consists of a complete collection of portable apps for your daily use. This includes a web browser, an email and IM client, antivirus, audio and video player, password manager, PDF reader, backup utilities and Office applications. Using it is simple – download the suite, drop it in your USB drive and start using the applications from Windows system tray.


If you don’t want to use the entire suite, you can download individual apps here.

Advantage: You get a dedicated “My Documents” folder in the USB thumb drive and any file saved using any of the portable applications goes to that same folder. This is useful, when you are working on a public computer and may forget the documents/ files you were editing.

2. Geek.Menu is build along the lines of Portable apps suite but there are some differences worth noting.

The first and foremost difference is that supports password protection of your portable applications and supports encryption.


Other features include – setting up categories for different applications as well as changing the look and system tray icon. You can pick a custom theme for the portable suite and can rotate wallpapers from the USB drive.

Advantage: Looks good and secured, but mimics the look of Portable Apps suite.

3. Liberkey

Liberkey contains 250+ applications neatly arranged as a hierarchical menu. The applications included ranges from Audio, video, CD burning, File management, Internet browsing, Email client, FTP program and office suites.

All the programs are arranged in categories so you will always find the best portable tool required to do the job under a selected category


Advantage: A wide variety of applications for every category.

4. Lupo Pensuite

Lupo PenSuite is again a large mash up of portable applications and consists of 200 programs for your daily computing jobs. This includes CD/DVD burning, portable torrent client, Office suites, Antivirus, multimedia, games, registry editor and more.


All the apps are neatly arranged in categories and it’s one of the best portable apps suites recommended.

What’s your favorite? Let’s hear it in the comments section.

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