Best Tethering Apps and Methods to Share Mobile Data with PC 

There are mainly two different tethering options you get on Android mobile. First one is USB tethering and the second one if Bluetooth tethering. There is another method to share internet connection with your PC, and that is Mobile Hotspot, and this is one of the most popular methods out there.

If your PC’s internet connection is having some issue and due to that, you cannot access internet on your computer, you can share your mobile data with your computer with the help of those aforementioned tethering. However, when you share data via those tethering, you do not have any idea how much data is being consumed.

You can check later, but there is almost no way to check that during the process. Therefore, here are some basic methods to share mobile data with PC. On the other hand, you can also find some tethering apps to help you manage your connection better.

Best Methods to Share Mobile Data with PC

Method 1: USB Tethering

USB Tethering is one of the oldest methods to share mobile data with a computer. It doesn’t matter whether you have a desktop computer or laptop computer, you can use USB tethering to share your data connection. People use this method because this is more stable and there is a very less chance of getting any lag during the usage. To get started, you need your computer, mobile, and a USB cable that is fit with your mobile. It can be a USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 since that doesn’t matter.

After connecting your mobile to a computer using the USB cable and do not choose anything like File Sharing, or Media Sharing or something like that. Therefore, open Settings Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering. Tap on the toggle button that says USB tethering.

Best Tethering Apps and Methods to Share Mobile Data with PC

You will get option only after connecting your mobile with PC using the USB cable. Otherwise, this option won’t be enabled by default.

Method 2: Bluetooth Tethering

Although this is a comparatively slower connection method and it offers complicated settings, people still use this since this is a traditional method. Although this is possible to connect your mobile with a laptop computer, this is quite hectic to connect your desktop computer to your mobile via Bluetooth. Therefore, you might get problem since you need to purchase a Bluetooth device for your desktop computer. Otherwise, it won’t share the connection because sharing needs to pair your both devices. However, you can get the Bluetooth tethering option at Settings Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering – here.

Method 3: Wi-Fi Hotspot

This is probably the most useful thing you mobile has if you want to share your mobile data with the laptop computer. The first two methods are somehow limited to a particular operating system. However, this method had no such barrier. You can use Wi-Fi hotspot to connect any computer running Windows, macOS, Linux, or anything else. Almost all the modern laptops have Wi-Fi component, and hence, you can connect your laptop to your mobile via Wi-Fi hotspot.

All you need to know is the password of your mobile’s Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can find here: Settings Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering > Set up Wi-Fi hotspot.

Following that, you can turn on your mobile data connection and from the navigation menu bar or Settings Network & Internet > Hotspot & tethering – here. If you choose the second option, you need to enable Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Best Tethering Apps for Android

Although you can use those above-mentioned methods to share mobile data with PC, you cannot check how much you have spent and so on. Therefore, you can check out the following apps those will let you do so without any problem.

1] Data Sharing -Tethering

You can check out daily data sharing usage, and more other information with the help of this free application. Although not all the features are available for free, you can start using this app without paying a buck. You can start or stop data sharing, Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. using this app. On the other hand, you can manage the time and data usage for Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth Data Sharing, and USB Tethering. The best thing is you can find out how many devices are connected to your open Wi-Fi hotspot and you can check their data usage one by one.

As mentioned before, it comes with some PRO features. For example, you can automatically stop shared data connection based on your filter, get a device disconnect tone, export all the logs in CSV, start tethering when starting up your mobile and so on.

You can download this app on Android 4.1, or later version and root is not mandatory for installing it on your mobile. Download

2] Easy Tether Lite

If you open the official download page on Google Play Store, you can find the full name, and as the name suggests, you can download Easy Tether Lite app on the non-rotted device along with rooted devices. On the other hand, this app is available for Android 1.5 or later version. In simple words, you can download this free app on almost any Android mobiles running in these present days.

Talking about functionalities, you can check the usage, and manage the devices better. From Windows computer to MacBook, everything comes under its radar.

3] PdaNet+

Best Tethering Apps and Methods to Share Mobile Data with PC

Pdanet+ is quite complicated regarding workflow. However, you do not have to worry since it works smoothly on any Android device running Android 4.1 or later version. The Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering option in this app are not available if you are using older Android than Android 7.0 or Android Nougat. The only disadvantage of this app is you can use it for a limited time. For unlimited usage, you need to purchase the PRO version of PdaNet+. This is meaningless to mention that you can use this app to connect your Windows as well as Mac computer via USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot. Following that, you can find out all the device information, and usage statistics on the same interface.

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