Best way to get items from US and UK shipped to India (or any other country)

Many a time we see a lot of inventory in Amazon and other websites in US and UK and wonder how we can get those items in India as well. Well, its very easy to do if you read the article below.

The first step will be to get an account with Shop And Ship or similar websites. They charge you an yearly fee for getting the items and provide you a local address in US and UK which you can order your items to. Once ordered, shop and ship helps you get the items in India to your local address in India or anywhere else. Borderlinx, a service from DHL is even better than Shop and Ship and provides the same service in a better way.

How it works ?

You can order multiple items from multiple online stores in the US and when they arrive, you’re notified of the same. These items can be combined into a single shipment that saves you money, includes customs costs, and comes with traceable delivery. This works out less than what Amazon charges for overseas shipping. Especially when different orders are combined. You can get anything from US or UK without any hassles. DHL makes sure stuff clears customs, you get a customs receipt and assured delivery. And a lower cost of freight.

How you can further increase you choices ?

Amazon and other sites shows you different inventory and prices if you visit their site from a local (UK / US) IP address instead of an overseas one. Often these local prices and choices are better ( low prices, more choices).

So the next thing will be to use a tunneling or VPN software to get you a temporary US/UK IP ( I do the same for streaming spotify which is again not available in India). You can tunnel through and see what a local guy in the US or UK sees. Then order like a local, get it delivered to a local address.

Once done, Borderlink handles the next thing for you. There are no hassles and you can truly live live a global citizen and order from almost anywhere across the world.


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