Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android

Nowadays, almost everyone uses a webcam on the computer as well as mobile. The mobile’s webcam is known as selfie camera. On the other hand, you can either use the inbuilt camera of a laptop, or you can opt for a dedicated webcam for the desktop. However, the problem with the webcam is you may not get a lot of options to record and do other jobs. Therefore, do check out this webcam recording software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android those can be used to record the webcam for as many times as you want.

Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac, Linux

Inbuilt camera of Windows

Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows

The inbuilt camera of Windows 10 does pretty much everything. From recording video to capturing an image, everything is possible with the inbuilt camera of Windows 10. Talking about features, you can record videos in 1080p at 30FPS, which is the standard size. However, if you are using a highly configured machine, this is also possible to opt for 60FPS and 4K mode. For videos, you can change the flicker reduction to 60 Hz, 50 Hz, etc. The video quality is pretty good. However, if you are thinking to create YouTube video with this camera, you should opt for a better tool since it doesn’t provide many options to play with your settings.

QuickTime Player (Mac)

Best Webcam Recording Software for Mac

QuickTime Player is one of the best solutions out there for Mac users since they do not have to download any software and they can record for as long as they want. This is entirely free for Mac users. The best option is it lets you select the audio source so that you can switch between internal microphone and external microphone. Also, this is possible to choose the quality. That means you can either record HD video or quite a low-quality video with QuickTime Player. After recording, it shows some options to edit the video, and that is the advantage of using this tool.

Filmora Scrn (Windows, Mac)

Filmora Scrn Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac

Filmora Scrn is a paid software that allows users record webcam with ease. As this is available for Mac and PC, you can purchase it and use it on both platforms so that you can find same functionalities. The primary feature of this tool is you can record 15-120 FPS videos, record your screen and record the webcam video together etc. You should buy this tool since it comes with a professional editing interface that allows you do from basic to advanced editing. You can change audio quality, add annotations, etc. with the editing functionality. This is possible to export the edited video to .mp4. .mov and .GIF formats.

YouCam (Windows)

YouCam is developed by CyberLink, which is one of the best software development companies out there. It has free as well as paid version. Obviously, the free edition comes with fewer features than the paid editor. Talking about the features, you can record your webcam as well as any live chatting videos on Windows. It doesn’t come with the video broadcast feature, which means you have to open the inbuilt webcam or external webcam to start the recording. Some features like real-time skin smoothness, HDR, panorama, TrueTheather video enhancements, etc. are available as well.

VLC Media Player (Windows, Mac, Linux)

How to record webcam using VLC media player

You may have used the VLC media player to play songs or favourite videos. However, you can use VLC Media Player as a webcam recording software for Windows and Mac as well. No other codec or plugin is required for setting it up as a video recorder. To get started, open VLC Media Player > go to Media and select Open Capture Device.

Following that, you can choose video device name, audio device, etc. By clicking the Advanced options button, you can select the aspect ratio, video input chroma format, video frame rate, device properties, tuner properties, video standard, tuner input type, and so on.

Movavi Webcam Recorder (Windows, Mac)

Movavi Webcam Recorder Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac

Movavi Webcam Recorder is another free webcam recording software for Windows and Mac that comes with a lot of features and excellent user interface. From recording to editing the video, everything can be done with the help of this tool. There is a lot of options to record video. For example, you can start web recording, screen recording, add already recorded videos, or add network drive. During capture, you can find several options for skin tone management, brightness adjustment, etc. Following that, you can create text caption, apply various filters, add background music and so forth.

Debut Video Capture (Windows, Mac)

Debut Video Capture Software

This is probably the most straightforward app for Windows and Mac that can record webcam with ease. All the features of Debut Video Capture are quite accessible and very useful. It has Home and Pro edition. This is meaningless to say that the Pro edition comes with more features than the Home editor. After installing it on your machine, you need to select the source device. After that, you can choose the screen size. Following that, you can hit the “Record” button to start recording. This is as simple as that.

guvcview (Linux)

guvcview is mainly developed for Linux machines. Talking about the features, this tool comes with a lot of options so that you can record a great video with the webcam. You can select rate control mode, rate control mode flags, temporal scale mode, spatial scale mode, bit rate, resolution, frame rate, usage type, stream format, etc. Following that, you need to select the source device, frame rate, resolutions, camera output, video filters, etc. from the Video Controls tab. For better audio, you can choose between audio API, input device/source device, sample rate, channels, audio filters etc.

Webcam Surveyor (Windows)

Webcam Surveyor Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac

Webcam Surveyor is a paid webcam recording software for Windows XP and later version. Being available in a lot of languages, this software has become very popular among different countries. Like the above-mentioned tools, you need to select the video and audio source. Although it doesn’t come with options to add filters and edit videos afterwards, you can record the webcam without any problem with this tool. The price of this tool is $29.95 for one PC.

Logitech Webcam Software (Windows)

As the title says, this software is made by Logitech, the popular computer accessories manufacturer. As Logitech produces great webcam, and if you are using any Logitech webcam, you can try this tool for better performance. However, the only limitation is you must have Windows. Talking about the functionality, you can use this software to capture an image, record video, etc. However, this is not a professional tool. With that said, you may not find options to change the frame rate, audio bit rate, etc. Apart from these options, it works perfectly. Download

SplitCam (Windows)

SplitCam Best Webcam Recording Software for Windows, Mac

SplitCam is probably the most feature-rich webcam recording software for Windows. Although this is free software, you can find tons of advantageous features in this app. For example, you can add effects in real time, split video after recording, stream to different services such as, TinyChat, etc. Apart from that, you can record video in different resolutions like 320×180, 1920×1440, 2048×1536 and many more. The best part is you can use this tool as an IP camera.

The inbuilt selfie camera of Android

The inbuilt camera of Android phones works much better than any other camera. Nowadays, several companies have launched so many great front cameras. For example, the Pixel 2 XL comes with a great portrait mode for the front camera. The same feature is available for iPhone as well. You may also find options to improve skin tone, add effects and clip arts in real-time.

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