Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10/8/7

Although Windows is an awesome operating system, you may need some third-party apps in different situations to improve the productivity. The Windows search is an integral part of Windows OS that lets you find anything you have stored on the hard disk. However, this article contains some of the best Windows search alternatives for Windows 10/8/7 so that you can use various search parameters and find out your desired file within moments.

Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10/8/7

Sometimes you need to use a third-party app because of these reasons.

  • Speed: A third-party app can provide better speed so that you can find out a file quicker than the default Windows search.
  • More options: You can get more options while using a third-party app. For example, you can find out the containing of a file.

1. Listary

Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

Although Listary can work as a digital assistant, you can use Listary as a search app as well. From opening the app to using it accordingly, you can do everything with ease. Not only just hard disk files but also you can search on the web using Listary. There are so many keywords can be used in this app to find out something on Google, Bing, Gmail, YouTube, etc. Also, you can search for a file, folder, document, picture, audio, and video using this tool. There are so many things you can do to customize Listary. From spotlight to the overall interface, everything can be customized from the settings panel. To open this app, you need to go to Desktop and start typing. As you type, the result will appear automatically from your system tray. To open the Listary toolbar, you need to press Win + F. On the other hand; you can launch apps by pressing a hotkey, navigate to a next and previous item using a keyboard shortcut. The best part is you can change the default Windows Explorer path and parameter.

2. Everything

Everything Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

Everything can search for everything from a single window. From third-party apps to pre-installed apps and files, folders, etc. everything can be found using this free tool. The best part of Everything is you can use this tool without installing since this is a portable app. On the other hand, if you do not want to use the portable app, you can get the installer. The user interface of Everything is pretty good, neat and clean. You can use bookmarks to bookmark favorite search result or parameter.

3. SearchMyFiles

SearchMyFiles Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

SearchMyFiles is one of the best alternatives to Windows Search. Although the UI is quite bulky, you can find several options to make a better search. You can choose a base folder, excluded folder, wildcard files, wildcard subfolder, file content, file minimum and maximum size, scan subfolder, find files, find folders, find read-only files, and many more. Let’s assume that you are getting tons of files for a particular keyword. At that moment, you can stop the search after finding X number of files.

4. UltraSearch

UltraSearch Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

UltraSearch is yet another awesome Windows search alternative that you can download for Windows XP and later version including Windows 10. This is possible to assign various filters for finding files and folders. The UI is equipped with tons of simple options those you can use to find something easily. You can choose the search folder so that you can exclude others. On the other hand, you can select what kind of files or apps you want to search. For instance, you can choose only video files or text files or system files or even temporary and backup files.

5. MasterSeeker

MasterSeeoker Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

MasterSeeker comes with a great user interface so that you can find any file or app easily. Some of the basic options such as search folder selection, directory exclusion, file size limitation, etc. are available in this app. You can open any file or folder right from the search result so that you do not need to check the file location and then use Windows Explorer to open it accordingly. Talking about compatibility, you need Windows XP, or later version and .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer.

6. Quick Search

QuickSearch Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

Quick SearchDoc is being developed by Glarysoft, which is popular for making lightweight software. You may find similarity between Quick Search interface and the inbuilt Windows Explorer of Windows 7. Talking about the features, you can locate files, folders using various keywords. Although it doesn’t allow you find apps, you can try finding all the folders and files on the go. On the other hand, it indexes all the new files and folders very quickly so that you can get an instant result right after placing anything on the hard disk.

7. DocFetcher

DocFetcher is available for Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating system. This is pretty basic but equally powerful Windows search alternative. You can choose file extension, file format, find an app, find files and folders, etc. using this simple app. The highlight of this app is you can find the content of any app using this tool. For example, if you have written a particular line in a text or .php file, you can find that by typing the content. On the other hand, this is possible to set minimum and maximum file size so that you can search for files those come between a particular size limit. From the search result, you can open any file or folder to open. Although many apps only show the file location, it doesn’t, and that is the advantage of using it.

8. Searchmonkey

Best Windows Search Alternative for Windows 10

Searchmonkey is available Windows and Linux operating system. This is probably the most heavyweight app for Windows. However, it does the job pretty well and without any lag. The best part of this tool is you can include a date. In other words, if some document has been made between a particular date, and you want to find that out, you can do so with the help of Searchmonkey. Apart from that, all the basic functionalities are available in this app as well. For example, you can open the file right from the search result, select file size limit, choose a directory, and so on. Another useful feature is you can select the file extension or search for containing text as well.

Final Word

These are some of the best Windows search alternatives for Windows 10/8/7. If you want to use only one search app, you can opt for Listary, which is very much affordable and lightweight. The functions of this app are also very helpful.

Although you can use various search filters in Windows search, you should also try these free apps so that you can find out what is new and what else can be done.

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