A Better Windows Calculator For Saving Long Calculations

One of the serious disadvantages of Windows default calculator is that you can’t save your calculations to a file. There are situations when you may want to perform long calculations and save it for future reference.

Using functions in excel spreadsheets is another workaround but it’s not a very quick and easy process. You have to add all the data, learn the formulas – which may sound a bit tedious for novice users.

SFR calculator is a better Windows calculator replacement, with a nice ribbon UI (much like office 2010). The application can be used to save calculations to a simple file, along with other useful features.

The app consists of a tabbed interface and thus you can perform multiple calculations simultaneously (without opening a new calculator window). You can see the progress of your calculation as if you were writing it on paper.  Other features include adding short text notes beside each calculation, this is handy when you want to remember where you spend or earned the money.

Another neat feature is “Quick Find” which allows you to find a specific number used in the calculation. If you are performing a long calculation, hit Control +F and jump to the specific amount.

When you are done with the calculation and want to archive it, hit Control + S and save the calculation as a SFR document. The downside is that you don’t get all the scientific, financial or statistical functions.

The application is a free download, works with all versions of Windows (Windows 2000 – Windows7).

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