BlackBerry Vienna: Second Android Mobile of BlackBerry

After a quite good start with BlackBerry Priv, this company is trying to pull the chain again to stop users in front of BlackBerry store by launching another Android mobile named BlackBerry Vienna. Although, the official news is still under the hood, yet, popular BlackBerry source, CrackBerry has reported that BlackBerry is working on their second beast. This Canadian mobile company was dragging behind other modern mobile manufacturers like Samsung, Motorola, HTC etc. but now they have come forward with a new BlackBerry mobile.

Their first Android mobile, BlackBerry Priv, is a great success since it comes with some awesome features and the price is negotiable. BlackBerry lovers can easily buy this mobile. However, the second mobile, Vienna is about to come out within next year, according to the report.


Earlier today, the CEO of BlackBerry told that they have some surprises and now one of them have just unveiled. The new BlackBerry mobile will have an old-fashioned look since it has fixed keyboard. Although, this is not confirmed whether it will be a touchscreen mobile or not, yet, it seems so. As it comes with a fixed qwerty keypad, people will have to face some problems while typing long messages since the vast majority of people are now familiar with touchscreen mobile. However, as this is BlackBerry, there can be another surprise as well.

CrackBerry has published an image of BlackBerry Vienna. According to the image, it will be arrived in four different color combination. The display looks awesome and the back panel will carry the tradition – BlackBerry logo. Apart from that, it contains camera on the back along with flash. The image also shows that it contains front facing camera. Although, this is just an image but it looks thick from side. Although, it has a physical keyboard, but still it has power button alike other Android mobile.

In terms of design, this mobile is pretty good and most of the people will love this for sure. But, the point is it has a fixed physical keyboard. Although, BlackBerry Priv also has a traditional qwerty keyboard, yet, people can get the touchscreen as well. However, now this is too early to give any opinion on this mobile.

BlackBerry has a strong strategy with Android. Now, you just have to wait for few more days to watch how good this mobile is going to be. Stay tuned. We will update you with all the news regarding this mobile.

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