How to Block Contact on iOS without Any App

Getting disturbed by a particular caller has not become a common problem in these present days. We all have at least one friend, who often disturbs other by calling them frequently. At the same time, suppose, you bought something online and that seller always make your information public so that others can contact you to get different services. This particular thing often happens when you purchase a domain without any privacy lock.

To be more specifically, suppose you have bought a domain name without any privacy lock. That means, your contact information including your mobile number is now public and other marketing and website development company can contact you easily. It is a common problem in these days.

How to block contact on iOS without using any app

Or, there may have any reason but you want to block contact on iOS, do follow this trick. This article attempts to teach you how to block contact on iOS without any app. iOS is already a very rich platform in terms of features and functions. Therefore, if you have iOS device, you can easily block any number of contact without utilizing any third party app. Obviously, you can find some third party app for iOS to block caller, but that is not mandatory when you have iOS 9 or later version.

Block Contact on iOS without Any App

This is very easy to block contact as there is no need to install any other app.  It doesn’t matter, whether you have saved a particular number or not. But, you can certainly block that number within moments. To get started, at first, open that contact. You can open contact from two different places. First, you can check out your recent call list. In this way, this is possible to open any number that is not even saved. Second, you can head over to Contacts. But, one thing you should keep in mind that you must have to open that contact from Phone app.

If you want to open contact from Recent calls list, you will have to tap on the Info button, which should be placed on your right hand side. However, if you want to open a contact from Contacts, you do not have to tap on such option. Just tap on the corresponding contact to edit different things.

Now, scroll down. Here, you will get a button labelled Block this Caller. Tap on that to block that specific caller.

Block caller on iPhone without any app

Following that, you will have to confirm it by tapping on Block Contact button.

Block contact on iPhone without any app

That’s it! Now, your contact will be blocked.

What will happen if you block someone on iOS?

If you block someone on your iPhone, that particular contact won’t be able to call you. Whenever, he/she tries to call you, that call will be disconnected. That person will get a busy tone from his/her end.

How to unblock contact on iOS?

If you want to unblock any blocked contact, you have to follow this guide. You can certainly open the same page, where you blocked a contact and unblock that. But, if you have blocked a lot of people, you can follow these steps.

At first, open Settings and go to Phone settings. Here, you will get an option called Blocked.

Check blocked numbers on iOS

Then, all the blocked contacts will be appeared. Hit the Edit button, tap on red icon and select Unblock.

Unblock blocked numbers on iOS

That’s all! That particular contact will be unblocked immediately.

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