How to Block Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft is continuously revamping their latest operating system. Although, this is now not a new feature, but Microsoft Edge web browser is brand new for Windows 10 users. Microsoft introduced Edge a long time ago through an Insider Preview of Windows 10. Following that, Microsoft Edge has got several updates to feature new options and features. Now, Microsoft Edge is a matured web browser, which is very easy to use and the most interesting thing is this is faster than any other web browsers available for Windows.

However, some people are not so happy with Microsoft Edge as this comes with fewer features than any other standard web browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, some people may want to block Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. If you have set it as your default browser and now you are not so happy with Microsoft Edge, you can easily block it from opening in Windows 10.


This is very easy to achieve that as there is a tool called Edge Blocker, which will let you block Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Previously, there were two different versions i.e. installer file and portable app. However, now, you can download only the portable version.

As Microsoft Edge is available only in Windows 10, there is no question to use Edge Blocker on any other versions of Windows such as Windows 8.1 or 7.

Block Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

To block Microsoft Edge web browser in Windows, you have to download Edge Blocker, at first. Following that, you can get a window like this,


If you are getting blue circle, that means, Microsoft Edge is not blocked now and you can use it without any issue. However, the red circle denotes that`your Edge browser is no longer enabled.


When it is red, you cannot open Microsoft Edge on your machine. You can find it in the right click menu, Taskbar search result and everywhere, but it won’t be opened. To open the Microsoft Edge again on your PC, you have to click on unblock button inside the Edge Blocked app.

That’s it! This is as simple as that. Hope you will enjoy with this app.


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