Block Particular App from Showing Heads Up Notification in Android Marshmallow

From the very first day, the Heads Up notification of Android Lollipop successfully grabbed millions of people towards it. There is no reason to hate Heads Up notification since it shows notifications on your existing screen. That means, suppose you are watching a video on your Android mobile and someone is calling you. Generally, other versions of Android redirect you to the “phone” window to take action on that incoming call.

Alternatively, let’s assume that you are playing a game and you are about to finish a very complicated level of that game. Meanwhile, before finishing the touchline, someone calls you. It will just make a fraction of second to pause or stop the game in order to take the call.

Heads up notification

To solve this issue, Google introduced a beautiful feature in Android Lollipop that is generally called Heads Up notification. The same feature is also available in Android Marshmallow, which is about to launch for all the mobiles.

Problem with Heads Up Notification

In simple words, Heads Up notification is awesome. But, there are some people who often get annoyed due to frequent popup notifications. That is the only drawback of Heads Up notification. You cannot control the number of notification or app related settings of this feature in Android Lollipop. That means, it will not check whether a notification is important for you or not. Whenever, a notification arrives, it will show you. Sometime, it looks awkward. Therefore, if you are facing the same issue, here is a solution.


Android Marshmallow allows users to disable Heads Up Notification aka peeking without any third party software. The option comes with this newest version of Android. Although, this is not possible to disable Heads Up notification completely, yet, you can block particular app to show such notifications.

For instance, if Twitter is showing a lot of notifications, you can simply prevent Twitter from showing any heads up notification. The same can be done with any other app that generally shows such pop up notifications.

Block Particular App from Showing Heads Up Notification

This is quite easy. As mentioned before, there is a built-in option; you do not have to install any other third party software to get things done. However, just make sure that you are using Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Otherwise, you won’t get this feature.

At first, open the stock Settings app and go to Sound & notification. Following that, head over to App notifications. Here you will get all the installed apps.

Choose one app that you want to block from showing any heads up notification. After opening the app settings, you will get a button next to Allow peeking. Just toggle the button.


That’s it. Now that particular app will not show any notification as popup. This is as simple as said.

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