How to Block Particular Website in Dlink Router

Dlink is a popular company that manufacturers Wi-Fi router. Although, there are so many companies that offer router, but people often opt for Dlink because of the number of options it provides. Although, the options do vary from firmware to firmware, but in most of the cases, you can find almost same options.

Generally, we use Wi-Fi router to use internet PC internet on mobile, tablet or smart TV. This is the easiest way to use PC internet on multiple devices. If you are using a Wi-Fi router, you should take care of the security because attackers often try to spy on your= using Wi-Fi router. This is probably the easiest way for them.

Let’s assume that your kid uses your tablet or mobile or laptop to browse internet. As you know that nowadays, there are many unwanted websites just a click away. Therefore, if you want to block particular website(s) or allow a few number of websites while using DLink router, here is a solution.

Allow Block Particular Website in Dlink Router

There are many software and browser extensions that help users to block or allow particular website. But, if you are using Dlink router, you will not have to install any third party software or extension. Dlink allows users to do that with an in-built option. In Firrware V1.13, it is readily available.

If you use any software, you will have to install that on all the devices to block or allow websites. There will be a problem if there is no such software for your mobile or tablet platform. On the other hand, it will take so much time to install such software on all the devices or install such extensions in all the web browsers.

Instead of that, this Dlink trick seems far better. Do follow these steps to get things done.

Allow / Block Particular Website in Dlink Router

This is very easy and not much time consuming. Once you set up, those websites will not open from any device that is connected to that router.

At first, open your Dlink control panel and sign in with your credential. Following that, switch to ADVANCED tab and go to WEBSITE FILTER.

You can find the option on your left hand side. Here you can get some options link this,

How to Block Particular Website in Dlink Router

Now, select either Allow or DENY from the drop-down menu. Then, enter the websites’ URL that you wish to allow or block. At last, don’t forget to save your changes.

After clicking on the Save Settings button, your router will restart.

That’s it! Hope this little trick will help you a lot.


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