How To Block SMS Text Messages In Android

Don’t you hate it when your Android vibrates with a new message notification and turns out that you have just received yet another spam or a promotional text message from your mobile service provider? Then there are those funny text messages from friends which arrive once in a while, taking the focus away from your work and cluttering up your messages folder like anything.

The problem with SMS spam is that there is no way you can stop or permanently block unnecessary messages from hitting your inbox. Your mobile number is in the database of so many companies and they will continue to send spam and promotinal messages at regular intervals. The only way to block unwanted SMS messages on your Android is to install an SMS blocker application and in this tutorial, I am going to explain how you can block text messages from a specific number, keywords or from a specific contact in your phone’s address book.

Go to Google Play (Android Market) and install this SMS blocker application. This is a free application which will allow you to define a blacklist of numbers so that text messages from these numbers won’t appear in your main inbox.

Once you have installed the app, run the application and hit the menu button on the right. next select “Add new”, this will allow you to select the spam sources from your main message inbox.

You can also choose to add specific numbers manually or choose to populate the blocked list directly from your Phone’s address book. I would advise to choose the sources from your inbox first and customize other settings later on.

Add Sources that send SMS spam in your inbox

Once you have added all the numbers to the blocked list, the app will move the existing spam messages out of the main inbox. You can see the entire list from the “blocked” tab, an example is shown below:

Blocked SMS list

Rest of the settings are pretty simple and straight forward. The “Allow” tab lets you setup a safe list of contacts and numbers so that text messages from these sources are never blocked. You can also setup keyword filters in the “Filter” tab and enter specific words which are frequently used by spam or unknown sources. Overall, blocking sms messages on Android has never been this easy and I wonder why Google has not yet enabled this feature by default.




  1. I can see one name I know…;)
    But one can also enable DND from the service provider to block this sms altogether.N
    ice and informative post  by the way.


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