How to Block Website on iOS Without Any App

There are many times, when we want to block website on iOS. If you want to prevent others from opening a particular website on your iOS device, here is a trick that will let you do your job without using any third party app. iOS is indeed an awesome mobile platform used by many people because of having different reasons and today’s feature is one of them, which makes the smartphone even smarter.

Suppose, your kid wants to use your mobile. At such point, you should definitely use parental control on your iOS device to prevent your kid from opening certain website or use certain apps. But, if you cannot enable parental control on your iOS device, you should at least use the rule to block or allow particular website from opening in browsers. Or, suppose, you want to let your kid open particular website and block rest of the others. Alternatively, there might have any reason to block website on iPhone or iPad, but the solution is same.

Password protection

This trick will be executed without using any third party app, as mentioned before. That means, your iOS device already has this function or tool to block certain website. To be more specific, yes, iOS comes with a tool that will help you to do whatever you want in order to block or allow specific website.

Block Website on iOS Without Any App

iOS has a tool or function called Restrictions, which helps users to implement various rule over the existing app. It assists users to block or allow different things in different apps. In other words, it helps users to make a better smartphone and get a better and more secure user experience. Therefore, do follow these subsequent steps to block website on iOS without any app.

At first, open Settings and go to General. Here, you can find the option called Restrictions. Just tap on this to open the corresponding settings.

Restrcition for iOS

If you have previously used Restrictions, you do not have to follow this steps. Otherwise, this is mandatory. Here, you have to enable restrictions to use it further. Therefore, tap on Enable Restrictions button on your screen.

Enable restrictions on iOS

Following that, you have to enter a passcode. Now, all the things will be brighten up. Then scroll down and find out Websites.

Website restriction settings in iOS

You can get it under ALLOWED CONTENT settings. After opening this, you can find a screen like this,

iOS website restriction

Now, select Limit Adult Content and Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW section.

Block website on iOS

This will let you block a particular website and allow others. If you want to allow particular website and block all the others, you have to select the first option which comes under ALWAYS ALLOW. Therefore, add a website on the following screen.

Website added to the blacklink in iOS

After that, whenever, you want to open that website, it will come out like this,

website blocked in Safari for iOS

If you tap on Allow Website button, it will ask you to enter the passcode. No matter, whether you use Safari or Chrome or Firefox, you will get the same result.

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