Blogbuzzer : Ping Services When Your Blog Updates

We bloggers take much pain  to generate new post ideas and write down those useful stuffs (whatever topic that may be) in a post. At the end of the day our effort gets its due appreciation when a good number of people finds that post and pour down some comments. But the harsh reality is that many a time (for most of the new blogs), that post though having useful content, fails to get attention. The main reasons are

1. Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As search traffic is the major source when we start, it occurs to be the deciding factor. You can learn best SEO practices (for wordpress blog) to maximise your search traffic. Though submission of the blogs to the search sites is also very critical to gain visibility in search pages.

2. Inability for major blog directories to find you.

So here is something that you can use to overcome the above problems. We will learn of a tool that will help us notify the search sites as well as major blog directories whenever your blog updates.


Blogbuzzer is an ultimate tool for you to submit your blog to major search sites and blog directories. Since those places are potentially very rich source of traffic, a prompt and successful submission will help you attract the credit that your blog posts deserve. [Also read : Ping Twitter From Windows Live Writer]

Blogbuzzer allows free membership using which you can submit 5 blogs/day. They also have premium membership plans for only $9/year, which I think is quite cheap. You can buy premium memberships to have the unlimited quota of pinging. Premium members also get bonus directories which are Delicious, StumbleUponTwitter, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Blogbuzzer automatically pings the above submission sites the moment your blog gets updated.

Blogbuzzer in a nutshell

1. You do not need to have skills in coding to set up a pinging service.

2. Submits your blog to almost 50 top search sites and blog directories.

3. The search sites and blog directories are over 5 different languages.

4. Offers free membership (limited options) and an affordable and reasonable premium membership.

5. You are provided with options to monitor the ping.

I must comment that though there are lots of plugins that can do the same job for you, you are mostly unable to get so wide variation in the ping servers. Again the monitoring option gives Blogbuzzer an upper hand over those plugins. Though my message to the developers back there will just be to try and increase the number of ping sites the service presently support. Anyways at the end of the day, its definitely in my “worth-a-try” list.


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