Dolphin Browser 7.0 For Android Adds Bookmark Sync And Other Enhancements

When it comes to a proper tabbed browser for Android, nothing beats Dolphin.

Tabbed Browser for Android - Dolphin browserIt is undoubtedly the best tabbed browser for Android with an exact look and feel of Google Chrome for desktop, which unfortunately in not available for the Android operating system yet. I have used Opera mobile, Opera Mini, Mozilla Firefox and the default Android browser for quite some time but after switching to Dolphin browser few months back, I can say that I did took the right decision.

The recent version of Dolphin for Android has added bookmark sync and cloud computing features which does three things things.

Dolphin Connect: Dolphin connect is like Google Chrome sync for Android, allows you to sync bookmarks from Android browser to multiple mobile and tablet devices. The advantage of bookmark sync needs no explanation, as you can access all your bookmarks from any device you have access to. Be that your Android smartphone, your Android tablet or the phone of your friend – as long as you know the credentials of your Dolphin account, all your bookmarks are accessible.

This is a real lifesaver for people who use multiple smartphones and need a really simple way to sync browser bookmarks across multiple Android phones or tablets. Not to forget the fact that you can always download bookmarks in your Android phone from Google Bookmarks, which works great!

Sync Browser Preferences, Settings and Custom gestures: Not only browser bookmarks but Dolphin 7.0 for Android lets you completely sync browser preferences, settings and the custom gestures. There is practically no need to re configure the browser on your brand new tablet. If you’re using Dolphin, you are almost ready to go the moment you have keyed in your account username and password.

Webzine: Dolphin’s powerful Webzine feature allows you to quickly access your frequently visited sites using channels. Dolphin 7.0 is being introduced with 16 popular channels directly on the home screen, so you can read news, visit blogs, update Twitter, browser through Facebook and do a lot more other than normal web browsing.

Probably the biggest advantage of using Dolphin browser over Android’s default browser is that Dolphin supoprts iPhone, iPad and iOS devices so you can be rest assured that those bookmarks can still be accessed from your iOS device, without having to export it manually and import it all the way to a different platform.

The newest version of Dolphin for Android (with Dolphin connect and Webzine) is available on GetJar while the app will be available on Android market from October 23rd.

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