New App By Instagram Lets You To Crate 1-Sec Video Loops

People are always get fascinated to create, view and share visual content on the web. Photos and Videos have always been a major part of social networking, even some services offering only photo sharing like Instagram and video sharing like YouTube became top viewed sites on the Internet. This thing had already proven that visual things like Photos and Videos crate effective memories than just plain text.

Everybody started discovering new ways to create videos and Photos now. If some new method comes in creating a video or a photo, it becomes the trend online and everybody follows it. Methods like selfies made every mobile manufacturing company to include a decent front facing camera on their devices. Since Apple had announced Live Photos on their new iPhone 6 and 6s this year, now everybody is turning towards creating photos like videos which will last for few seconds. But the thing with Apple Live Photos is You can only create and view them on iOS 9. Even though there are methods to convert LivePhots to GIF which allow you to share LivePhotos to Non-Apple devices, it is not possible to create them.


Well, if you are a non-Apple user and fascinated about creating few seconds videos, there is a workaround here for you. The Photo sharing Social Networking Site Instagram introduced a new feature called Boomerang which will let you to create 1 sec videos and share it across social networking sites. You can get Boomerang for Android here and for iOS here.

How this works?

The App works pretty simple. It will capture 10 photos and stitches them together, and by speeding up the display a mini video will be created, then it will put that into loop displaying back and forth.

You can take videos using both your front and primary cameras. To create videos, no need to sign up, just download the app and start creating. This is a nice feature if you don’t have Instagram account.

You can share the videos on Instagram and Facebook from the app, or store them on your camera roll.


Wrap Up

Even though this app lets you capture mini videos like Live Photos,there are differences how Boomerang and LivePhotos work. The major differences are two. One is time. LivePhotos lets you to capture 1.5sec before and after you press the shutter button, which means it’s kind of like a 3sec video while Boomerang captures 1 sec video only. When you want to view your LivePhotos, it will gets displayed only once, but Boomerang Videos are basically Loops, which will create a video visiting feeling (kind of).

What do you think of this app? Do let us know in comments.


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