Bounce: Share Your Website Design Ideas with Your Friends

Are you looking for a tool or a web app to share and exchange your ideas, important notes visually with your colleagues? Bounce, a utility from Zurb, lets you do just that. It is a nifty web app that lets you take notes on websites and share them with your friends with a single click. It acts as an expert to exchange any kind of design feedback. Bounce captures screenshots of any website and then allows you to annotate these images. You can also upload images from your hard disk and comment on them using the tool’s web interface.

Bounce Interface

The user interface is dead simple. Just input the URL you want to put notes on and click the “Grab Screenshot” button. Make sure you have got the address of the exact page you want. Within few seconds Bounce will deliver a screenshot of the URL. Type a name you want to show on your notes.

Add Your Name To Bounce Screenshots

You can also add a title to the screenshot to easily identify it later.

Add A Title To Bonce Screenshots

Now, you can annotate the screenshot with callouts and comments. Draw a rectangle around the part you want to comment on. Add your note. You can have as many notes as you wish. But you need at least one to save the screenshot. Click “SAVE” to get the URL.

Creation Of The Bounce Screenshot

Since each Bounce URL is unique, you can share it with others to continue the feedback process. They can add their own comments and bounce them again. There are two quick links to share the screenshot on Facebook and Twitter right next to the URL.

Unique Bounce URL With Facebook And Twitter Link

As someone  scrolls over the red rectangle boxes on the screenshot, your note(s) will appear. Visit this link to view the following screenshot.

Completed Bounce Screenshot

This free web app makes it easy and fast to exchange website ideas among the members of a development team. No log in or registration is required. Though there is one feature that can be improved further. Since each new comment creates a new URL, there is no master URL showing the latest updated version of the screenshot.


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