Brand your Word Documents with a Watermark-MS Word 2007 tip

Watermarks are text or pictures that appear behind document text.This is extremely useful if you want to Showcase your Brand or preserve your creation.Word 2007 lets you add Text and Graphical Watermarks to your documents with background effects.

To add a Text Watermark

1.In the Page layout Tab click on Watermark.


2.You can Select from the Given templates or create your own Text watermark from “Custom Watermark”.

One Downside of Text watermark is that you cant position the watermark according to your needs.It positions itself in the Center itself.To Add your Watermark in a specified position try adding Image watermarks.

To Add Image Watermarks

1.First You need to Create the image Watermark from an Image making Software.We will be using the easiest and default for Windows -Windows Paint.

2.Open paint and type your Text or insert images in the desired positions.For best Results make sure your image size is exactly same with the size of your Document.(By default word documents Width is 915 pixels).

3.When finished,Save your watermark.Open MS-Word and in the page layout options Select “Watermark”.

4.From the radio Button Select “Picture Watermark” and select the picture you just created.

Select the Washout check box to lighten the picture so that it doesn’t interfere with text.Uncheck the Checkbox “Wash Effect” if you want your watermark to appear exactly the same you created.

That’s it.You can delete your images after saving the Word document.


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