Browse the Web With Keyboard Shortcuts – Mouseless Browsing In Firefox

Imagine this – you suddenly discovered that the USB mouse attached to your desktop computer is not working and you don’t have a spare mouse at hand. You are not very comfortable using the default keyboard shortcuts of a browser and thus need an easy way to browse the internet without a mouse.

Enter Mouseless Browsing – a simple Firefox add-on which adds numbers next to clickable elements on any webpage. This helps navigating to any section or clicking a link an easy job, all you have to do is hit the visible keyboard shortcut and the browser performs the respective action


With the Mouseless add-on in place, you will notice “ids” and numbers placed just above all the links and options. When you want to open a web link, simply type the shown ID and Firefox will “click” that element. Neat !

Switching between tabs and activating different menu options is also easily achieved, just hit the number which is visible right above the tab and Firefox will switch to the specific tab or menu option. User’s won’t need the extension for switching tabs unless they don’t know the default keyboard shortcut is “Control + Tab”.

In the above example screenshot, I have to hit 3 to open the first search result while hitting “5” will open the third search result in the same browser tab. It does work pretty well but the only annoyance is when your mouse cursor enters a text box – hitting the desired number from the keyboard results in the number being typed on the search box. In such cases, you have to hit the tab button multiple times, get the cursor out of the way and you are ready for the quick keyboard navigation experience.

The features are quite similar to Gleebox, which is another useful way to open web links via keyboard shortcuts.

Honestly, I would not use the extension if my USB mouse is working fine but just in case the battery goes dead – I would install this extension and browse the web for a while, until the new mouse arrives at  desk. Give this a try !


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