Add Multiple Images To WordPress Post Editor By Drag And Drop

If you write a blog, you know how frustrating it is to attach multiple images to a blog post.

You have to hit the file upload box again and again and upload all the images one by one. Sure, there are blogging clients like Windows Live writer, Microsoft Word but the way these blogging editors handle images is also buggy in general.

So how do you upload multiple images to a blog post in WordPress ?

Earlier, we wrote about a Firefox add-on which allows bulk uploads of images to a WordPress post, so if you’re a die hard Firefox fan and don’t want to install another plugin on your WordPress blog, you can use the plugin instead.

But if you want a better way to upload multiple images in WordPress post editor, try the Drag and Drop bulk file uploader for WordPress

Bulk Upload images in WordPress post editor
Using the plugin is fairly simple, grab the package from WordPress plugins site and upload the folder to your blog’s Wp-content/plugins directory. Activate the plugin and you should see a new widget in WordPress post editor as “Upload Box”.

All done, now drag multiple images from your desktop which you want to attach to a blog post and drop it into the “Upload box” widget. Hit the Upload box and the plugin will upload the images in bulk to your media directory and insert them into the blog post you’re writing.

I tried the plugin and couldn’t get it to work since I host maximum of the images on a subdomain. Turns out the plugin works fine if your default image upload folder is wp-content/uploads and not a custom FTP directory elsewhere on your web hosting server.

All in all, this is one neat way to save time, since you can write all of the content in one go and then upload all the images in bulk.

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