How to Automatically Unfollow Twitter Followers Who Are not Following You

You can quickly narrow down your Twitter Following list with some free tools. These tools help you to bulk unfollow Twitter followers who are not following you.

Buzzom: The simplest service I have seen for bulk unfollowing people on Twitter. You do not need to set up an account or register and neither you need to download any software or browser extension to avail the service.

Just visit the homepage and enter your Twitter username. Hit the “Flush” button and the website will scan your followers list. It will sort out those people whom you are following but they aren’t following you back.


You can select to remove specific followers or you can flush all of them with a click. This website can also be used to automatically follow those who are following you. With the “Grow” button you can increase your twitter followers by following new people. In brief, this tool is a real time saver at times, especially when you would want to quickly unfollow Twitter followers in bulk.

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Friend or Follow

This website can be used to find Twitter Users whom you are following but they aren’t following you back. Just enter your Twitter username and the website creates a photo collage of the followers who aren’t following you.


Hovering over a profile shows you additional information about the user, location, number of followers etc. You can export the entire list as a csv file and can see your Twitter fans as well. ( Tip: How to post tweets more than 140 characters)


MyCleenr is another site which sorts your folower list acording to their last tweets. You may have some inactive followers who haven’t twitted for a long time. With MyCleenr, you can get rid of those followers who remain inactive for a long time or who haven’


The only downside is that you can use MyCleenr only if you have 700 followers or less.

There are lots of services which use email notifications to remind you whenever some one unfolllows you. Some of the popular ones are: UseQwitter and Nutshellmail. But I don’t prefer using email notifications as it increases my email overhead.

Do you know any tool to automatically unfollow those people who stop unfollowing you? let everyone know through a comment.


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