Create Images From USB Flash Drives And Burn The Same For An Exact Copy

I mostly use external USB drives for storing backups for my PC’s inbuilt storage and sometime for files that eat up the main memory and yet I cannot make up my mind whether or not to delete them. But there are times when I need to perform a complete format the external USB drive or maybe I just need to use it as a booting device. There can many reasons when you may need to take the backup for the USB drive itself. And creating images (that can be burnt later to produce an exact copy) are perhaps the best way to do that. ImageUSB is a free tool that alone can create images from and burn images to any USB drives (or UFDs).

Download ImageUSB and start the application. In the main window, you will get to see the USB flash drives (UFD) that are available for creating an image from (or writing an image to). Following are the two major tasks the tool supports:

Creating An Image From A UFD

1. Select any UFD from the list of available USB drive(s).

2. Choose the option “Create from UFD”.

3. Enter a name for the .bin (image) file to be created and the select the location to save it.

4. Hit the button “Create Image”.

Burning An Image  To A UFD

burn image to usb

1. Choose from the list of available USB drive(s).

2. Now select the option “Write to UFD”.

3. Now locate the .bin (image) file on your hard disk that you wish to burn onto the selected drive.

4. Use the “Write to UFD” button to burn the chosen image.

The tool is quite an unique approach to the problem at hand. And backing up tasks are merely performed in just 4 clicks. The tool works on most Windows OS. I recommend this tool to everyone to backup USB flash drives.


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