Paypal Fee Calculator Let’s You Calculate Paypal Fees For A Particular Amount

Do you want to know what would be the exact Paypal fee, if you want to receive a certain amount from some of your client ? This Paypal Fees calculator allows you to calculate the fees Paypal would deduct if you want to receive a certain amount of money from anyone



It works like this – go to the Paypal calculator page and enter an amount in the “To Receive” box. This is amount which you want to receive after fees deduction from Paypal. As soon as you have entered the net amount, the calculator will show you the “Gross amount” a person needs to send so that the required amount is fulfileld as your Paypal balance.

Example: Suppose you want to receive $50 from a client, after the Paypal fee deduction. If your client sends you $50, Paypal will deduct $1.75 as “transaction fees” and the amount incurred in your Paypal account will be only 48.25.

Honestly, this small amount should not be a problem for most web workers but consider a situation when you are dealing with thousands of dollars every single month. Maybe you’re signing a new deal with some advertiser, starting a new project or receiving a good amount of Paypal money from a company. If you want the net payment to be intact, it’s wise to spend half a minute time and come up with the exact “Gross payment” which the sender needs to send.

There is another useful reverse Paypal fee calculator which works the other way around. It shows you how much money will be incurred in your Paypal account is someone sends you a definite amount.

Paypal fee rate for different countries are different, hence the developer has included country flags at the bottom of the web app which allows users to select their country and apply the corresponding Transaction fees to the calculation. You can click any of the country flags and find out the Paypal fees for a specific country and apply it for the calculation.

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