Camu – fastest Way to Share Photo and Video with Friends

Do you often share images and videos with friend via Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging services? If YES, here is a quick tip that will assist you to get everything done faster than earlier.

Nowadays, we share a lot of things with friends. We share happy moments as images, funny videos and more other things via various instant messaging services. But, have you ever realized that all the old methods take a lot of time to capture image and then send it to someone?

Camu – fastest Way to Share Photo and Video with Friends

According to you, if you are killing a huge amount of time to record video, edit it and send it to your friend, here is a great app that will aid you to do everything in a very short span of time.

Introducing Camu, a social media camera that helps users to capture images and record videos very quickly. Camu is available for Android and iOS. You can download Camu on iOS 8.0 and later version or Android 2.3 and later versions.

Features of Camu


Camu comes with some great and very convenient features. Perceptibly, it has a camera that takes photographs and records videos. Nevertheless, you can do more with these two very common things. You can create photo collage within seconds. You do not need to install any other third party software since Camu has the option. You can add minimum two photos and maximum 4 photos in your photo collage.


On the other hand, if you want to share an image on Instagram, you can also capture the image in square view. To do all the aforementioned things, just tap on the Menu and select anyone option.

This is possible to add effects while capturing any image or video. To change the effect, just swipe from right to left or vice versa on your screen.

Camu comes with a basic image editor as well. You can find the image editor after capturing a photo. You can add text, blur image or zoom in using the editing tools.


After editing, you will get three options.


The very first option is Save that will help you to save the image or video in your mobile. The second option is Send. This option will help you to send the image or video to anyone via any instant messaging service, email or via anything.


The third option is Trash, which does what it says.

Generally, Camu uses rear camera. But, if you want, you can also use the front facing camera to capture selfies and do all the things what is mentioned above. Camu comes with manual focus, which is better to capture photos using mobile camera.

Considering all the situation and features, it is better to use an app like Camu to share images and videos very quickly with friends. Hope you would like to check out this application.

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