How to Change Calendar Alert Tone on iOS

Like other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Phone, you can find a calendar app on your iPhone or iPad as well. This is an inbuilt app of Apple, which is being sued by many people those need to schedule all the important tasks and get a reminder at a particular time or when it is necessary. Although, there are some other third party calendar apps for iOS, but most of the people prefer to use the inbuilt calendar app of iOS.

Calendar app for iOS has almost all the features what a regular user is in need of. This is possible to set tasks or reminders. The best function of iOS calendar app is it can get synchronized with the Apple Mail app. That means, if you have booked a hotel and got an email regarding that and the booking date is somehow mentioned in that email, that will be shown on the calendar.

Just like hotel booking, you will get more others things on the same page. Another very useful feature for Android to iOS migrants is you will get Google Calendar’s schedules on your Apple’s Calendar. Also, this calendar’s data gets synchronized across multiple devices if you use the same iCloud account.

However, suppose, you always set an important task in iOS Calendar. Generally, iPhone’s default tones are pretty low in volume. Therefore, sometimes, you may miss the sound and eventually forget about the task that you have set in Calendar. For many people, this has been a big issue for a long time now. Therefore, if you would like to change calendar alert tone on iOS or the vibration, here is a simple trick.

Change Calendar Alert Tone on iOS

There is no need to install any third party app or Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. You can set a new alert tone by making use of inbuilt options. However, the Calendar itself has no such options. But, you certainly have some options to change calendar alert tone on iOS.

At first, open Settings and go to Sounds. It should be next to Wallpaper settings. On the next page, you can find an option called Calendar Alerts.

How to change calendart alert tone on iOS

Therefore, set a new tone that you want. Apart from alert tones, you can also use ringtones for alerts. But that is not a good idea at all. Now, if you want to change vibration pattern, open the tones page. Here, you will get Vibration option on your screen. Tap on that and select a new vibration pattern.

Change vibration for Calendar alerts on iOS

That’s it! Now set a new tone and never forget to do anything.


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