How to Change Duration to Show Notifications in Windows 10

The new look of notification was introduced to people through Windows 8, when Microsoft changed a lot of things in their operating system. Windows 8 was an awesome OS in terms of features and improvements. Although, it has some lack of features but the look was truly awesome. In Windows 7, there was no such notification that came out when you got any notification. Bu in Windows 8 and later versions, you can find a new notification that helps users to get notification for any new things like email or any other.

The new notification section is very useful. Previously, it was difficult to check different things like new email or any other messenger’s notifications. You used to open that particular app to check whether you got any new email or now. But, now, this scenario is changed. Now, you can get notifications on you right side of your screen. In fact, you can find all the notifications in Action Center. It works something like mobile’s status bar.

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But, the problem is Windows 10 shows notifications only for 5 seconds. Sometime, this is fine but sometime, you can get problems. Suppose, you are doing something important and meanwhile you have received a new email. Apart from doing that important work, you also have to check the email. But, as you get only 5 seconds to open the email from the notification, sometime, you can miss it as well. Therefore, you will have to go through your Action Center, find out the exact notification and then open it. It may take some time if you have received a lot of notifications.

Therefore, this would be a smart thing if you increase the time duration to show notifications in Windows 10. You can certainly change the duration.

However, you do not need any third party software as the option comes with Windows 10. You will have to make a little change. That will be all.

Change Duration to Show Notifications in Windows 10

Introducing System settings, which is a new inclusion of Windows 10. You can change several things using the brand system settings panel of Windows 10. Just like changing the system icons using system settings panel of Windows, you can also change duration to show notification using the same panel.

To get started open System Setting panel in Windows 10. For that, just press Win + I together. Therefore, you can find an option called “Ease of Access”. Click on this to open corresponding settings. Here, you can find a section called “Other options”.

Change Duration to Show Notifications in Windows 10

Just switch to Other options from Narrator. Therefore, you can find a setting named “Show notification for”. By default, it should be set to 5 seconds. Click on the drop-down menu and select a time. You can choose 7 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute and 5 minutes.

That’s it! You are done. After changing this option, whenever you will receive any notification, it will be shows for that predefined time.

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