Change The Color Of Google’s Navigation Menu Bar From Black To White

While surfing at, you might have noticed that Google has introduced a black navigation bar on top of every page at Whether you are using Google reader, Google Buzz, Gmail or Google Translate, this black navigation bar stays and looks a little ugly to some people.

We have previously discussed a Greasemonkey script which lets you completely remove Google’s black menu bar. The script works in Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome and does a nice job in hiding the menu bar all together. You get the older clean Google interface but the disadvantage here is that all the links in the navigation menu bar are hidden and will be inaccessible.

Here is how will look like once you have installed the disable black menu bar Greasemonkey script:

Disable Google black menu bar

So if you frequently click through the links on Google’s top menu bar, you won’t find the script very useful. It hides the top menu bar for good but you also need the links and don’t want to bookmark each of them manually, one at a time.

However, here is another Greasemonkey userscript which lets you change the color of Google’s top menu bar from Black to white. Named as Google light Menu bar, the script reverts you back to the older white background with all links accessible and working as before. The script works out of the box and there is nothing to tweak or configure.

Here is how will look, once you have installed the second script which changes the menu bar color to White from Black:

White menu bar of

Pretty neat and does exactly what it says. The previous script hides the navigation bar while this one modifies the style attribute of the menu bar HTML element, thus allowing you to use the links while change the menu bar color to White from Black.

Google Light Nav bar is a free download, works with Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Give this a try!


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