How to Change the Number of Thumbnails on Firefox’s New Tab Page

Firefox is indeed an awesome web browser. Firefox comes first when someone talks about security, performance and overall stability. Although, some people use Google Chrome for getting faster speed but Mozilla Firefox is not also lagging behind other browsers as this web browser provides a good internet browsing speed. The most important thing is it has better security and private browsing mode than any other standard web browser.

On the other hand, the webpages open without any lagging. Overall design of Firefox is also good enough. If you have used it, you have seen that it shows some tabs or thumbnails on new tab page. This is a common feature nowadays but it is truly useful to visit most visited websites faster.


Firefox determines the most visited webpages and show the thumbnail of such sites on new tab page. Therefore, you do not have to write the URL of any page. Just find it among the thumbnails and click on that to visit that website. By default, it shows 5 columns and 3 rows. That means, total 15 thumbnails appear on the Firefox’s new tab page – it depends on screen resolution though.

But, sometime, we want to change the number of thumbnails on Firefox’s new tab page. There may have reason like you do not want to show off all the thumbnails or you want to show more thumbnails to find more ‘most visited’ sites or anything, but if you want to change the number of thumbnails in Firefox, here you go.

Change the Number of Thumbnails on Firefox’s New Tab Page

The best part is you do not have to install any third party software. There is no need to install any add-on either. Firefox has the option to change the thumbnail number. You just have to make a change in Configuration. That will be all. To get things done, do follow these subsequent steps.

At first, open Firefox and enter this in the URL bar: about:config

You will get a security warning like this.

Security warning in Firefox

You have to click on “I’ll be careful, I promise!” button. Though, the tick mark for “Show this warning next time” is not mandatory. Therefore, you can skip this. If you skip it, the warning window will be appeared all the times, whenever you will enter about:config command.

Anyway, after opening the configuration page, enter this in the search box: newtabpage

Firefox configuration settings

You can also enter only “newtab” in the search box. But, if you enter newtabpage, it will refine the search. Anyway, now you will get some settings like these,

Here, you will get two different settings called

  • newtabpage.columns
  • newtabpage.rows

By default, the value should be set to 5 and 3 respectively. Now, double click on them and change the value. The minimum value is 1. If you set it to 0, it will still show 1 thumbnail. s


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