How to Change Pokemon GO Avatar’s Nickname

Pokemon GO is now one of the most popular games for Android and iOS, which is being played by more than a million people from across the globe. Although, this game’s core thing is quite different than the actual TV series, but still people are willing to play this game as it is quite different and it comes with augmented reality. Settings up a Pokemon GO profile on Android or iOS is not a big deal. It quires a Google Account and that is the maximum thing what you are in need of. Following that, you can enter few more details to set up the account to play it accordingly.

While settings up the account, it will ask you to setup an avatar. That is also known as trainer. It will represent you in the game. If you are male, you can choose male avatar and female players can choose a female avatar. Some customization can also be done at the beginning. Not only that but also you can select the desired username so that you can represent yourself in any gym or anywhere else.

But, what if you have entered the wrong username or nickname or you just want to change the nickname? Previously, that was not possible at all. However, now, the developers have given the option to change Pokemon GO avatar’s nickname only once. If you have already changed it, you cannot do it right from the Pokemon GO app.

Changing the nickname doesn’t require any special permission, and this will affect instantly. However, you just need to download the latest version of Pokemon GO. If you are still playing on the older version, you cannot change the nickname of Pokemon Go’s avatar.

Change Pokemon GO Avatar’s Nickname

To change that, you do not need any other third party app or root or jailbreak your device. The corresponding option is included in the app itself. You just make sure that you are using the latest version of Pokemon GO app.

At first, open Pokemon GO app on your mobile and give it some time to run properly. If you are getting a map on your screen with the avatar, you can also find the Pokemon GO logo on bottom-middle of your screen. Tap on that. You will get a screen something like this following picture,

Pokemon GO Settings

Tap on Settings that is visible on the top right corner. Following that, you should get a screen something like this,

Change the nickname of Pokemon GO Avatar

You may have to scroll down a bit to get the Change Nickname option. After tapping on it, it will ask you to enter the new nickname or username. Just enter the new username and hit OK. Following that, it will show you a warning message. You just have to hit the affirmative option.

That’s it! Now, your nickname is changed, but you cannot do it again in future.


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