How to Change Recent Apps View on BlackBerry Priv

With the help of BlackBerry Priv is trying to regain their old success and they are somehow on the right track because BlackBerry Priv is already a hit. This is good looking, awesome configuration and price is negotiable. In simple words, BlackBerry Priv is exactly that device, what Android lovers were looking for. The most beautiful thing is BlackBerry Priv comes with some features those are not available in other Android mobiles.

For instance, BlackBerry Priv users can change the “Recent Apps” view without using any third party software. Although, this is running Android Lollipop, yet, this feature is not available in other companies’ mobiles. If you have previously used Android, you should definitely know the Recent Apps feature. But, if you haven’t used Android before, let me explain.

The “Recent Apps” does what the name defines. That means, you can check all recently opened apps in a row. Older Android versions could not carry more than 10 or 11 apps in the list. But, this number has been raised dramatically from Android Lollipop. Now, you will be able to get more than 20 apps in the “Recent Apps” list.

This list is very useful for everyone to find out a particular browser tab or any other window within moments. The most useful thing is this is possible to resume game if you open that from Recent Apps list. By default, Android 5.0+ has a roller coaster like view for Recent Apps. In other words, you will get recently opened/closed apps in a thumbnail view. And this particular view is called Rolodex.

However, on BlackBerry Priv, you will get two more views apart from Rolodex. Those are as good as Rolodex is. Just the looks are different. Otherwise, you cannot find any other difference in them. Those two other styles are known as Masonry and Tiles.

The Tiles view is as same as Windows 10’s tiles. But the Masonry view is pretty unique. Generally, this looks comes in magazine style WordPress or Tumblr themes. However, both of the looks are here,

Recent Apps view on BlackBerry Priv

Change Recent Apps View on BlackBerry Priv

To change Recent Apps view on BlackBerry Priv, you do not have to install any third party software. The option is built-in.

At first open Settings and go to Display. Following that, you will get an option called Recents. Just tap on this. You will get a popup like this,

Change Recent Apps View on BlackBerry Priv

By default, the Rolodex will be selected. Now, you can choose anyone among those three options and the views are same as the above picture.


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