How To Change Or Recover Your Facebook Mobile Upload Email Address

Similar to Picasa, YouTube, Flickr and other social networking sites, Facebook offers a unique mobile upload email address to every Facebook user. This mobile upload email address is especially useful when you want to upload photos and videos to your Facebook account, directly from your mobile device. All you have to do is upload the files as email attachments and send the email to your secret Facebook mobile email address. Facebook will automatically identify your mobile upload address and the photos and videos will be posted to your profile. Pretty neat!

However, there can be some caveats of this mobile upload email address, if you forget it or accidentally share it with a friend or a third party website.

The other day I lost my mind and shared my unique mobile upload email address for Facebook with a third party site, in exchange of a free Facebook Tee shirt. After a few minutes, I discovered that the site is offering nothing and is purely a survey scam. Since I had already shared the mobile upload email address with the spammy survey site, they were frequently uploading random photos directly at my Facebook profile. This is a big security risk and here is how I found a way to deal with the situation.

Recover Or Reset Your Facebook Mobile Upload Email Address

The best way to prevent that spam site from uploading photos to my Facebook profile was to change or reset Facebook mobile upload email address. If you have forgotten your Facebook mobile email address or want to change it to a new one, here are the steps that needs to be done:

1. Login to your Facebook account and go to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find your older Facebook mobile upload email address, as shown below:


3. To change this and get a new mobile upload address, click the “Find out more” link.

4. This will open a small browser overlay window with some tips and instructions. To get your new Facebook mobile address and clear the last one, click on “refresh your upload email”


5. Click “OK” and you will be prompted to confirm your request.


6. Note that after resetting your personal upload email address for Facebook, you will no longer be able to upload photos, videos and post status updates to your Facebook account with that old address. You have to use the new address, which Facebook will provide once you hit “Reset”


7. Once Facebook has changed your personal upload email address, you should copy it to your address book or request Facebook to send it at your primary email address.

Please note that you can only reset your personal upload email address a limited number of times.

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