How To Change Windows 8 Lock Screen Wallpaper Background

Windows 8 consumer preview houses an excellent lock screen wallpaper background, which upon sliding from bottom to top, shows you the general login screen. The wallpaper background of Windows 8 lock screen takes a minimalist approach, shows only the system time, date and nothing else. Thankfully, the background  can be changed to a custom image or a photo of your choice, but I am really disappointed to see that there is no way to rotate the lock screen wallpaper background in Windows 8. You can choose one image and only one image as the lock screen wallpaper and that’s about it.

Here is how the default lock screen background of Windows 8 looks like:

Default lock screen background in Windows 8

This is cool but users who want to customize the background with their own image, a family photo or something fresh, might want to change it. If you don’t know how to change Windows 8 lock screen background, just follow these simple steps:

1. Hit the keyboard shortcut Win + I to open the settings slider from right. Alternatively, you can hover your mouse cursor towards the right bottom edge of your screen and the settings panel should pop up from the right.

open pc settings panel in Windows 8

2. This will open the “PC settings” panel in Windows 8, switch to the “Personalize” tab, choose “Lock screen” and click the “browse” button. Here, you can also customize the start screen background color, image and also change your Windows 8 user account profile picture.

personalize windows8 lock screen

3.  The last step is easy, click the “Files” dropdown on the left top, browse to a folder which contains the image you want to set as lock screen background, choose it and hit “Choose Picture”.

Select your own lock screen background in Windows 8


As far as I know, this feature was missing in Windows 8 developer preview and there was no way to change the lock screen wallpaper to a custom image of your choice. I hope the final version of Windows 8 adds a feature to rotate the lock screen wallpaper, similar to how desktop backgrounds in Windows 7 can be rotated. It indeed feels very refreshing to begin your work day with a new lock screen, no?

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  1. When I restart pc, I see my changed logon screan, but when I logout – I see logon screan as default


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